Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Unemployment: Pôle Emploi finally figures fro in the green – L’Express

After the sharp drop in March, the number of job seekers without activity fell again in April of 19,900 people (-0.6%), falling to 3.51 million in France, announced Wednesday the Department work.

The employment center indicator is also in decline since the beginning of the year (69,400, -1.9%) and, for the first time since 2008, one year (22,500, -0.6%).

In a sober statement, Myriam El Khomri was content to attribute these declines to the “ dynamism in job creation ‘,’ worn by measures implemented by the Government “: Covenant of responsibility, CICE and recruitment assistance for SMEs.

The Minister of Labour remains “ determined to consolidate this recovery (…) so that the decline in unemployment will continue and grow .”

In April, the decline is even stronger (-1.1%) including overseas and job seekers who have worked. In total, 5.69 million people were registered in categories A, B, and C of employment center.

But this decline coincides with a “ unusually sharp increase ” Output to default discount warns DARES, the statistical service of the Ministry.

At the end of each month, job seekers are required to report their situation to the employment center, under penalty of being de-registered automatically. In April, 276,700 people came out lists for this reason or 55,700 more than in March.

Ms El Khomri firm says this statistic event by the large number of public holidays in early May, during the period of discounting, and omissions of job seekers who found an activity.

– artificial Decline ‘, according to the CGT –

In April, the decline in unemployment has benefited all age groups: under 25 years (-1, 0%) as the 50 and over (-0.3%). But their respective positions remain diametrically opposed on year, youth experiencing significant improvement (-7.6%) and seniors deteriorate sharply (+ 5.3%).

extremely rare thing, the long-term unemployment has also declined (-0.7%) over the month, while still rising year on year (+ 5.8%). In late April, small activity range, 2.47 million job seekers were registered at employment center for over a year.

For the government, this publication is clarified in an explosive social context. Opposition to work bill hardens, with refinery blockades and a new national day of strikes and demonstrations Thursday.

While President Francois Hollande insists that France “ getting better “, management believes that these events repeat weaken economic activity, when the signs of recovery multiply.

The chamber has also used these figures to denounce blockages “ irresponsible and scandalous “, which may “ block a delicate dynamics ” .

Meanwhile, the two spearheads of the mobilization, the CGT and Force Ouvrière, immediately relativized the right numbers. “ Manipulation seems to be at work for an artificial drop in the number of jobseekers “, accused the CGT, while FO called for “ not just of appearances . ”

The central Jean-Claude Mailly has also pointed out, not without irony, that “ These figures demonstrate once again that the labor market and employment has not need a liberal-inspired law “, but” economic growth . ”

The improvement on the employment front coincides indeed with an acceleration of activity: after increasing 1.2% in 2015, gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 0 5% in the first quarter alone 2016.

the other indicator of unemployment, the rate of INSEE also began a slight decline. After reaching a peak in the third quarter 2015, 10.2% of the workforce in France, it has dropped below the 10% mark by year-end to 9.9%. It has since stabilized at this level.


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