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Draft law work: the “boss” PS deputies trying to gather his troops and rally FO – The World

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Bruno Le Roux invited to

Far firmness towards the CGT but opening to workers Power. Wednesday, May 25 Guest of the program “info Questions” on LCP in partnership with Le Monde France Info and AFP, Bruno Le Roux, the ” boss “of Socialist deputies, expressed support for both developments in the labor law.

These two amendments concern the relationship between the branch and company agreements, main bone of contention between unions . If there is no question of “ return to Philosophy” Article 2, the Seine-Saint-Denis MP expressed support that the industry can give an opinion a priori and not a posteriori on the company agreement which has stated he “is asked by many unions” .

this proposal comes from the rapporteur Socialist Christophe Sirugue. She had not been retained by the government before it makes use of 49.3. Bruno Le Roux’s therefore calls on the table.

“There is also the issue of overtime and remuneration” added Mr. Le Roux pondering “Let them do we pay for the assessment of a company agreement or do we ensure that it corresponds to what had been discussed in the branch agreement? “

The pursuit of two objectives

In proposing these relaxations, Bruno Le Roux has two objectives: first try to gather the group Socialist around work bill after the psychodrama of 49.3 and the censure motion failed for some slingers. “I’ll do anything to avoid another 49.3. My location as part of a parliamentary debate where this text may evolve, “ he said while reviewing the bill in Parliament is scheduled until July.

Then, Bruno Le Roux also wants to reach out to the Force Ouvrière (FO), who did not necessarily want to be drawn into the radicalization of the CGT. “If FO discusses, I wish we rompions absolutely no discussion, he said. Adding: I know the difference between the trade union federations that support the text, those opposed to the text, but want to continue trying to talk, I am thinking of Force Ouvrière, and those in position today diehard withdrawal. “

Bruno Le Roux declined to say if he spoke in consultation with the government, but the fact is that Stephane Le Foll was taken aback by these ads: ” There are no plans to review the principles of Article 2, “ immediately responded the spokesman of the government.

later, during the session of questions to government in the national Assembly, the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, said that there would be “or withdrawal of labor law or questioning of Article 2″ .

Harsh words against the CGT

On the strategy for the CGT, however, the executive and the parliamentary group are the unison. Bruno Le Roux had no words strong enough to condemn the behavior of Philippe Martinez: “The CGT is blocking it wants to prevent our country run to assert a minority view,” he denounced, highlighting “ultra-leftist trend, a minority in the CGT, but managed to win in terms of method.”

About a leaflet of the CGT calling for the withdrawal of the text representing an explosive charge, Mr Le Roux said: “we must be completely insane to make posters like this, when there are attacks against the police when there are attacks against the hotlines, when there are attacks against the order of services in the protests of trade unions, and I think particularly the stewards of CGT and FO, for me it comes in attacks against our democracy. I expect Mr. Martinez says that there are things that are unacceptable in our democracy. “


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