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The presidential election reveals the bias of Austria – The World

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Norbert Hofer and Alexander Van der Bellen,  May 22, in Vienna, Austria.

A rock star, Alexander Van der Bellen. In any case as the environmental candidate (Greens), 72, was greeted by his supporters, Sunday 22 May, in the evening. It appeared all smiles on the lawn of the baroque palace which was organized campaign to end party. “Do not give up, it pays! “ launched, almost surprised, one that will make up nearly three points against the extreme right between the first and second round of the Austrian presidential election.

Lesbian arm arm, the social Democrats elected known Viennese artists and the city center waving European flags: his constituents all have enjoyed this pleasant surprise, as the candidate of the extreme right (FPÖ), Norbert Hofer, 45, was given heavy favorite. After the counting of ballots in the ballot boxes, the candidate of the FPÖ is won with 51.9% of the vote against 48.1% for the former economics professor. But with the inclusion of postal votes, the ORF public television ensures that both candidates should be in perfect equality.

Make dam Norbert Hofer

the Austrians must therefore know the name of their new president on Monday 23 May, after the counting of all votes . Some 900 000 voters (of which just under 40,000 overseas), more than 14% of the electorate, deemed more likely to vote for the Greens, are going well between the two candidates, separated yet by a just under 150,000 votes.

in the first round, there were 535,000 ballots, significantly less than in the second. This represented 8.5% of the votes. After skinning, the far right has risen from 36.4 to 36.1%. The Greens rose from 20.4 to 21.3%. The independent Irmgard Griss rose from 18.5 to 18.9%. The left (SPÖ) from 11.2 to 11.3 to the right (ÖVP) of 11.2 to 11.1

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what make optimistic the supporters of Van der Bellen. It has benefited from the fear of the extreme right: 48% of voters said pollsters have voted for him in order to block Hofer. This rise, made without the official support of the left and the right, is the result of transpartisan citizen mobilization of magnitude, like that of Sabrin Lajnef, pharmacy student came to attend the election night.

This ascent, made without the official support of the left and the right, is the result of transpartisan citizen mobilization of magnitude.

“I fought to mobilize the community people from immigrant like me, says this young woman of 29 years of Tunisian origin born in Austria. No one expected that the far right gathers 35% of the vote in the first round. We wanted to show that to attack Islam and foreigners could also provoke a reaction. “

But when it jumps on stage to appear in images of TVs, the organizer shall forthwith down. The votes made by the woman and her friends well have been crucial, the Greens are clearly not all fond of images of young women in hijab, after facing a candidate who has made the rejection of Islam from its funds trade.

worrying polarization

a few kilometers, the evening prepared by the extreme right had a slightly bitter taste after this success subdued. “We had four parties against us and even when we had 50% of votes,” wants to reassure Stefan Kuber, 54, a salesman in a knife store and member of the FPÖ for five years. The party, under a spring sky, was organized in a beer garden, a beer garden, the largest public park in Vienna, the Prater, on popular music.

“Another attack still refugees, and we will win the next election , is it convinced. The European authorities have tried to scare citing the risk of Nazism, but this is not a problem, the problem is Islamic terrorism. “ Around him, the population, rather masculine and old, does not have the heart to laugh.

” Another attack, yet refugees and we will win the next election. “

The image of these voters are total opposites, especially the election revealed a worrying polarization of this country of 8.6 million inhabitants. Mr. Van der Bellen has prevailed in almost all major cities, among women and among younger graduates; Mr. Hofer in the countryside, in men, especially the less qualified. It gets 86% of the votes of the workers. His voters say they voted for him because he understands the concerns of the population, and because he seemed friendly.

“We have won anyway”

“We won, anyway,” proclaimed candidate FPÖ to his supporters. “either Norbert Hofer is chairman either Norbert Hofer supports Strache [ President of the FPÖ] to become chancellor, “ he assured, speaking of himself in the third person, under the close supervision of the leader of his training, which had wanted to speak first. Amid the Austrian activists, the cream of the European extreme right had traveled in the hope that the coming of the FPÖ.

“In Italy, we see what happens Vienna as a strong wave that will soon cover the entire continent enthuses Max Ferrari, representative of the Northern League, an ally of the Freedom Party and the National Front at European level. The Europeans are ready to make their conservative revolution. People are tired of mass immigration and anti-white racism, which runs apartheid. “

Frauke Petry, the head of German populist Alternative für Deutschland, was also present as ” simple invited “ she assured the World . She says she learned a lesson during the election night: even for Austrian far right, probably the most powerful in Europe, it is difficult to win a majority vote alone. The question is whether this observation was to be confirmed in the day Monday.


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