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7:22 ” I say this very clearly. I said in my life never to have committed sexual harassment or sexual assault “

This is the first time he spoke about the case. Denis Baupin, accused of harassment and sexual assault by several women, defends in an interview with The Obs . He refused to answer Mediapart and France Inter, which revealed the case.

7:19 ” I’m not the DSK Green “ says in the Obs the Green MP Denis Baupin, accused of harassment and sexual assault.

7:13 : I do not know if I’m the only one, but the stupid stories of French football, j ”m sick! There is so much more important and serious to be treated

7:13 : Sassy as analysis, or that’s how not asking questions: put others involved rather than self

7:12 . Benzema is retained as long as had a chance to be selected. Now he reveals his true nature, encouraged by irresponsible about Cantona and Debouzze. Bizarre as it has a short memory, because, of course, he did nothing!

7:20 : You are very critical in comments after about Karim Benzema, who believes in the Spanish press that Didier Deschamps “sold to the pressure of a racist party in France “ by not selecting him for the Euro

7:21 : in the Ile-de-France, overall, 40% of trains must be ensured. If the RER A is spared, about a third of RER B, D and E roll as well as 40% of RER C line R of Transilien is the most affected with only 10% of trains. On Twitter, the Internet complained of seeing advertised schedules not met on the RER D.

7:21 : based on the ” real movement “ trains and ” first takes service “ this morning, a spokesman for SNCF confirmed the traffic forecasts submitted yesterday: 60% of TGV, 40% of Transilien and 33% of Intercity circulating

7:22 : Some tennis players themselves are annoyed by screaming pushed by their opponents on the courts. When tounoi of Prostějov, the Czech Republic, a player lost a point for having mocked the screams of his challenger, told CBS. The video is hilarious.

6:53 : When the games are not interrupted by rain, they are by night. And when players can finally compete, they must also deal with a versatile public. Roland Garros is it the most horrible tennis tournaments? Our reporter Zagdoun Benedict has addressed the issue.


6:48 a surfer was injured by a shark in Australia. The shark tore off a leg, breaking in two his board. The young 29 year old man is in critical condition.

6:43 : in the center, the Loir-et-Cher and the Seine-et-Marne therefore remain orange flood alert. Loiret is maintained in red alert. In the east, Moselle, Meuse and Meurthe-et-Moselle are always orange flood alert.

6:39 Weather #METEO France maintained its orange alert for floods for five departments in central and eastern France and its red alert for Loiret.


From the bridge of Arts barges no longer dock. #inondation


Behind Notre Dame #inondation

6:36 : the level of the Seine is still very high this morning, as evidenced by these photos posted on Instagram by a journalist from France Info. Although it stopped raining, upstream rivers are saturated and the level still may rise in the day

6:31 “. the government has shown weakness facing the street what we see today is the shambles. “

in an interview with current values, to be published tomorrow, Nicolas Sarkozy denounces ” mess “ in France “weakness, cowardice, the total loss of authority” Executive front mobilization against the labor law.

6:25 : the Southwest will be affected in turn by rain today as you can see on the weather map of the afternoon. Above, this is very very gray.

6:16 : a journalist Europe 1 on Twitter, the A10 Paris-Orléans is always cut both ways, and all highways within 100 km of Orleans.

6:28 Libération has chosen to return to collective rape case that shook Brazil, four years after India. “The start of an international awareness?” , asks the daily.

6:11 This is the ” desolation “ to a La République du Centre . Loiret is placed on red alert for floods.

6:08 : flooding is the one of several newspapers this morning Le Parisien that prevents depression sweeping France should last until Friday

6:07 : Didier Deschamps “yielded to the pressure of a racist party in France” .

in an interview with Spanish sports daily Marca , Karim Benzema, indicted in the affair of blackmail sex tape against his teammate blue Mathieu Valbuena, accuses the coach of the blues have “yielded to the pressure of a racist party in France” by not selecting him for the Euro-2016.

6:03 : This is the first point news of the day:

Five departments of the Centre and East are placed in orange alert for floods and flooding due to violent weather. Loiret himself has been placed on red alert.

The indefinite strike, which began last night, looks followed today. SNCF provides traffic TGV 6 of 10, 4 of 10 Transilien, TER on a 2 and a 3. Intercités on detailed traffic forecasts are reading here.

So Lassana Diarra is that package, Karim Benzema accuses coach Didier Deschamps have Blues “yielded to the pressure of a racist party in France” by not selecting him for the Euro-2016 , in an interview with Spanish sports daily Marca .

• The scenario repeats. Most of the games of the day yesterday were canceled and postponed to today because of the rain

6:00 : Hello everyone! I am delighted to see you in this live. We are together until noon to continue to follow, including the weather and their consequences. Go!

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