Monday, May 23, 2016

Cécile Duflot denounces “attempted murder” of “free ecology” by François Hollande – LeLab Europe1

MURDERER – The environmental group in the National Assembly is no more. But dissension and other differences between its (former) members remain. Six green pro-government deputies seceded in joining the Socialist Group , Thursday, May 19, actant the same time the death of the Green group, which no longer has enough members to exist. And the green side, there are as many elected officials as analyzes on this disappearance.

Cécile Duflot, for example, sees the murderous hand of François Hollande . On BFMTV Monday, May 23, the member of Paris, anti-government trend and former boss of EELV, accusing the president of “assassination attempt” on “the ecology free” . No more no less. She said:

It is true that everyone can have responsibilities, but what is certain is that free ecology today , the subject of an assassination attempt organized deliberately by the President of the Republic , which has only one obsession: his presidential campaign. And for his presidential campaign, he thinks that there is a mouse hole – that’s what we tell him and that’s what he says – to be in the second round against Le Pen. You imagine the cynicism of the approach. And for that, we must eliminate everything that exists between him and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. This is the Yalta of the old left. As old as it was twenty years ago, as fifteen years ago the Socialist Party.

According to this view this is a purely electoral purposes that François Hollande himself allegedly orchestrated the killing, by recruiting some environmentalists who support MPs after have brought three of its members to the government .

Obviously, not everyone will not agree with this analysis. Including green MEPs concerned. Barbara Pompili , for example, had already swept this explanation last week. New Secretary of State of Biodiversity, the former ex-EELV member of the Somme and co-chair of the group in the Assembly had explained why the Greens do not need to François Hollande for s’ self-destruct . Friday, May 20, she said:

Political ecology is capable alone (laugh) to divide. There is absolutely no any pressure from the Elysee on these matters.

In their statement, the Greens deputies leaving the group complained to themselves the “coup” by Cécile Duflot , accused of wanting to get in on the group by establishing as sole president of the latter, contrary to the statutes that impose shared presidency.

Jean-Vincent Place is unsurprisingly on the same wavelength. Also former member of EELV, the former senator from Essonne became Secretary of State for State reform and simplification showed Saturday, May 21 as the reasons for this implosion were to look internally:

for two years, there were strong differences , on the bottom, on the assessment environmentalists government policy, strategy. It was inevitable and leads a political clarification.

According to the pro-environmentalists Holland, c ‘ is the “gauchisation” of part of the environmental education that caused this final divorce. As for anti-environmentalists Holland, however, it is the president who tries (and seems to succeed) to kill the environmentalist representation in the Assembly, in order to clear a space left for 2017.

But if you also want to participate in this cluedo political-ecological-socialist, please let us know the progress of your investigation.


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