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Why Austria might switch to the far right – Le Point

Not far from Vienna, Simmering is a kind of neighborhood-witness the great Austrian failover. A periphery charmless, but neat, the antithesis of these areas of lawlessness is found on the outskirts of other European capitals. And especially one of those strong socialist who is famous squares in “Red Vienna”.

Now, Simmering, even more than the rest of the country is now turning blue. It is a tradition in Austria and Germany: each party color. The Greens, as their name suggests, the Socialist Party (SPÖ) is red, the Conservative Party (ÖVP) black and the far right (FPÖ) blue.

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the turnaround is dramatic and revealing a phenomenon of communicating vessels on an unprecedented scale. In the first round of the presidential election on April 24, the candidate of the radical right, Norbert Hofer got Simmering over 41% of the votes, a score well above the national average. In other words, that which could be tonight the new head of the Austrian State should his success not to a massive transfer of conservative voters, but a clever diversion of left voters.

in this neighborhood where various immigrant communities rub shoulders, the unemployment rate is 13%, more than double the national average. But the main explanation lies elsewhere. Austria took over last year 90 000 refugees, equivalent to 1% of its population, and Simmering more than elsewhere, it is estimated that “the boat is full.” For the past decades, Austria has been very welcoming towards war country nationals: Afghans in the 1980s, former Yugoslavs in the 1990s and Chechens

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at the exit of the polling station of the Hauptstrasse, the main street, a few blocks from the city … Friedrich Engels, some make no secret of their vote and they are sometimes Austrian fresh date. “I arrived in this country empty handed, says Todor who fled Serbia there twenty years. Everything I have today I owe to my work and I do not see why today we give to others what I have not had at the time. “This is the crisis of migrants that fuels the vote of the working class in favor of Norbert Hofer. More than his social discourse close to that of the Front National which the FPÖ is closely linked.

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series of news items involving some asylum seekers has further accentuated the rejection of public opinion. A woman beaten to death by a Kenyan refugee fights repeatedly between Afghans and Chechens, drug trafficking in the hands of Nigerians; largely operated by the Kronen Zeitung , the main daily in the country, these events have had a devastating impact in a country where crime is yet falling.

The first reflex of the Austrians had however been different. Last fall, as the Germans, they had multiplied gestures of solidarity towards migrants. A concert was even organized in Vienna with Conchita Wurst. We do not know what that thought involved.

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