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No respite in the war of attrition on the Labor Law – The Obs

PARIS (Reuters) – Opponents to the proposed reform of the labor market and executive engaged in a standoff that threatens to block the France at the time it prepares to host the European Football Championships, each displayed Friday their determination to yield nothing.

“I will keep good because I think it’s a good reform and we must go to its adoption,” said François Hollande Japan, where he participated at the G7 summit after an eighth day of protests that have mobilized a total of 154,000 to 300,000 people.

the seven organizations hostile to the Labour Bill, CGT and Force Ouvrière (FO) in head , called for “amplify the mobilization” and fixed appointment on June 14 in Paris for a national event, four days after the start of the Euro at the Stade de France.

D ‘ by then, they intend to organize a “citizen referendum” on the text carried by the Minister of Labour, Myriam El Khomri, businesses, governments and “places of study.”

and they asked the 20 May in Hollande receive the whole mail so far unanswered.

in the field, infrastructure bottlenecks such as refineries and port terminals continue, despite the intervention of the forces of order and, according to the secretariat of State for Transport, an improvement of the situation of fuel depots and service stations.

the strikers who blocked the fuel depot of SFDM (Bolloré group) to Donges (Loire-Atlantique) have been dislodged without violence. But Total said late morning that four of its five refineries, including that of Donges, were still arrested, while the La Mede (Bouches-du-Rhône) only worked in low flow.


the CGT employees voted to extend their strike at the oil terminal of CIM Havre (Seine-Maritime) until Monday, do we learned from union source.

This is where spend 40% of crude imports from France and fuels for Paris airports. A spokesman for Paris airport told Reuters that Roissy, Orly and Le Bourget had only stocks for a week.

According to Laurent Langlard, spokesman of the CGT energy sector strikers three LNG terminals Engie also decided to continue their movement until Monday.

dockers CGT called for a work stoppage of 24 hours on June 2 But 38 tankers were already waiting at Fos-Lavera (Bouches-du-Rhône), according to a spokesman for the Port Authority, and 16 in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime).

Secretary General FO, Jean-Claude Mailly, appealed to the head of State to resolve the situation: “Do not be rigid, look across the situation,” he said on BFM TV after seeing criticized the intransigence Manuel Valls.

But after Prime Minister Francois Hollande displayed in turn firmness and warned opponents of El Khomri law against the economic consequences of their movement.

“Maybe Japan has not heard the event yesterday. But the employees (…) are determined,” responded the number 1 of the CGT, Philippe Martinez.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the trial of Air France employees, mostly CGT activists continued to be taken to executives of the company October 5, 2015.

the reference to September this trial since it opened in Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis), is rather a sign of appeasement, even if the reasons are legal.


Behind the scenes, government and parliamentary power are close to finding a way out, even to the liking of statements a floating impression.

Article 2 project law, the most controversial because at the heart of reform is central to these reflections.

This article reorganizes the Labour Code and asserts the primacy of business agreements on sectoral agreements or national. The CGT and FO see an “inversion of the hierarchy of norms” intolerable.

Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls far refused any questioning of the philosophy of this article, supported by the CFDT and other reformist unions, and appear to rely on isolation of the CGT and rotting of the movement.

Jean-Claude Mailly believes that a crisis is possible but only if the government agrees to suspend the consideration of the draft law by Parliament and put everyone around the table.

“At the limit tomorrow they say, ‘come on, calm down, we suspend the debate and discussed it, we can discuss everything, “he told BFM TV the leader of FO. But it requires a minimum withdrawal of Article 2

Philippe Martinez, which calls for the withdrawal of the bill, also questioned the head of state. “If Mr. Holland home from Japan on Sunday or Monday we said, ‘ok I got the message, we stop, we sit around a table and discussed once again’, it naturally stop. “

(Simon Carraud Emmanuel Jarry and Bate Felix, with China Labbé and Service France, edited by Sophie Louet)


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