Monday, May 30, 2016

Paris – Trial of 7 jihadists Strasbourg, in the shadow of a killer Bataclan – L’Express

They are aged 24 to 27 years, were born in Alsace, and will be judged until June 7 by the Paris Criminal Court for conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism, a crime punishable by a sentence of up to ten years in prison.

Arrested and imprisoned in May 2014, their holdings have not always been without incident. Five were punished for inmate in prison, cell phones or phone chip.

At the end of 2013, eleven young men capita Strasbourg and its suburbs decide to join Syria – one of them will be retained in extremis by his family, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The journey, prepared in part in a shisha bar in Kehl, neighboring German city, is organized with the help of a recruiter well known to intelligence services, Fares Mourad.

As often in jihadist course, the project takes shape around siblings.

There are three among those who leave in December 2013, via Germany and Turkey, in several trips in order not to attract attention: Mourad Boudjellal and Yacine; Mohamed Ali and Hattay; and Karim and Mohammed Fouad Aggad.

Boudjellal brothers die in Syria shortly after arrival. The men decide to return after a stay of two to three months before the official proclamation of the “ caliphate ” Islamic State group in June 2014.

All return except Foued Mohamed-Aggad who believe the story of one of the defendants remains in Syria and “ hand in his delirium .” He was identified as one of the assailants who made 90 dead on November 13 at the Bataclan.

– ‘This is not the Dorothée’- club

After their arrest, the “ Strasbourg ‘ revenue in France engaged to investigators several variants same story: parties “ do humanitarian ” they were fooled, “ trapped ” with “ insane bloodthirsty .”

Many times moved more or less dropped by Murad Fares which then seems at odds with some leaders jihadists there, young people say they have followed the “ drives “, especially sports .

Some deny having touched a weapon, contenting themselves with “ cooking ” and “ Cleaning ” or “ buy children candy . ”

Others admit to having fired Kalashnikovs, but only to train, and no more than two strokes.

This version of the journey covered “ Humanitarian ” is however undermined by photographs that show some of the lattice holders Strasbourg and weapons.

Karim Mohamed Aggad example appears on clichés, smiling and waving a Kalashnikov – “ not loaded ,” he said – or a knife – which “ not cut not “, has he told investigators.

This staging, the brother of the suicide bomber Bataclan ensures that it is folded under duress – “ not Dorothea club there , “he says during a hearing to describe the climate of suspicion and threat prevailing in the ranks of jihadists in Syria.

In addition to photographs, the motivation “ Humanitarian ” stumbles on another item, freshly appeared in the file.

The names of the seven listed in Strasbourg effect in files attributed to the Islamic State group, that the prosecution has mentioned in court, told AFP sources close to the investigation.

The approach is criticized by one of the defense lawyers. “ Whether these items are removed, it will be a postponement to study the parts “, said Mr. Eric Plouffe.

Putting into question the authenticity of the “ Daech Leaks ” revealed in March by Sky News, the lawyer also filed a complaint on behalf of his client Miloud Maalmi for forgery and use of forgeries.

On these forms in Arabic include several categories: marital status, occupation, blood type, religious practice, etc.

A line has three options: “ fighter ‘,’ martyr ” or “ Inghimasi ” – one who fights belted explosives, it operates as a last resort.

In these files, Strasbourg are designated as “ fighters .”


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