Sunday, May 29, 2016

Abduction Alert: 3 missing children in the Rhone, their mother killed – Le Parisien

| Update:

the gendarmerie has launched an abduction alert Sunday night about three missing children in the Rhone and likely to be with their father, the mother having suffered a” violent death. “

“Joris, 10 year old boy, brown hair, brown eyes, thin; Jad, 6 year old boy, curly brown hair, brown eyes, menu; and Alia, 5 years old girl, brown hair, brown eyes, disappeared in Pontcharra sur Turdine (69), on the morning of May 29, 2016, “says the alert.

Children are likely to travel on board a Renault Vel Satis vehicle light gray 287 registered EQA 69 with their father, a man of 45 years, Mediterranean, brown hair, 1 meter 80


If you find the children, do nothing yourself warned the gendarmerie. Immediately call 0800.363.268 or send email to

The Abduction Alert Plan was used for the last time last mid-August. He was then allowed to return safely Rifki, a boy of 4 years of Comorian origin.

So far, the device was effective in all cases to find the children removed. It is largely inspired by the map “Amber Alert”, created in Texas in 1996, following the kidnapping and murder of the little Amber Hagerman.


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