Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lightning in Paris: return on capital intervention of a firefighter – MetroNews

His actions probably avoided the toll is heaviest. A firefighter Paris, who was nearby when eleven people, including eight children aged 7 to 8 years who were celebrating a birthday Saturday afternoon at Parc Monceau, were struck by lightning, was the first to arrive on the scene. He immediately promulgated the first aid and certainly saved many people.

Pascal Gremillet, 50, commander of the brigade of the Paris fire brigade working in the operations center interministerial crisis management, happening Saturday’s rest in a nearby museum park, located in the 8th district of the capital. The man, who is notably spoke at the Concorde crash or the fire of the Paris-Opéra, then meets a distraught woman.

” I immediately realized that the lightning had struck “

” I was boulevard Malesherbes when I saw a woman panicked now to run, he explains to the Parisien. She wanted to borrow my laptop. I immediately understood that lightning fell on the park. “

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Pascal Gremillot knows the place to be when he was in ran post in the barracks of Montmartre. It darkens. “I discovered a dozen people on the ground under a tree,” testified the rescuer, father of two children, the microphone of BFM TV.

“I was afraid that the lightning should descend again “

when he arrived at the tree, which had fled the small group when the storm broke, the Franc-Comtois see two adults is still standing but are in shock, unable to react. They too have been struck by lightning. “The state of a dads worried me. Even if he managed to get up to move, I noticed that his behavior was seriously injured. I slept on the floor.”

then landmark firefighter a child whose condition seems to concern him. “One of the children was limited, but he quickly returned to him. However, I found that another child was in cardiac arrest. He was blue in the face.”

The child has no pulse. Firefighter tries to make him mouth-to-mouth but he did not react. “I tried to breathe twice by performing mouth-to-mouth but without success. So I started CPR.”

While trying to resuscitate the child, Pascal Gremillot reacts professional. “We were still under a tree and I was afraid that the lightning should descend again. I asked the minor injuries to move a few meters.” He then called for help. “I explained to them the seriousness they deploy immediately the number of sufficient nursing staff.” A total of 80 firefighters were dispatched to the scene.

“I’ve done my job”

By the time help arrived, Pascal Gremillot feels the child’s heart beat again. The doctors take over. But his intervention does not stop there: it continues to coordinate teams and even find a place that could serve as medical post, a bank. It ensures that its action is summarized in “basic acts”. “What I realized, everybody could do it. I have done my job,” the firefighter.

A child is still in a serious condition and is still in intensive care Sunday at Necker hospital, where a medical-psychological unit was made available to families.


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