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Austria: Norbert Hofer, an iron hand in a velvet glove – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Islamophobe and eurosceptic, the candidate of the far-right Freedom Party is the favorite in the Austrian presidential Sunday


He helped polish the image of the Austrian far-right FPÖ party, without giving up anything on the bottom. With his smooth style, Norbert Hofer, 45, won the first round of the presidential election with 35% of the votes on April 24, achieving the highest score ever recorded by the FPÖ to a national poll since the war. Today, the share favorite candidate to win against the independent Alexander van der Bellen, former leader of the Ecologists. A Gallup poll conducted among 600 people for the newspaper Österreich last week, credits the a six-point lead over his opponent.

For many years, the favorite in the polls remained in the shadow of the leader of the FPÖ, Heinz-Christian Strache, he is a senior advisor. The aerospace engineer by training assured have long been praying before accepting exposure to the spotlight. Thus, despite more than twenty years of political responsibilities, this discretion allowed him to stand during his campaign as someone “new, honest, competent.” Vice-Speaker of Parliament since 2013, elected this impeccable presentation still knows how to be smiling and even his opponents acknowledge listening and courtesy qualities. Partially disabled after a paragliding accident in 2003, he has not neglected contact with voters during his campaign.

Under its amendments air, Norbert Hofer is like yet walk armed with a pistol. Islamophobic and eurosceptic Member of the corporation Pan-German student, Marko-Germania is an inflexible ideologue of the FPÖ, which he is the vice-president since Heinz-Christian Strache took control in 2005. “Discrete far Norbert Hofer defended positions Strache, but with a velvet paw “and” reaping the vote thanks to his friendly appearance, “says the daily Österreich .

Born March 2, 1971 in a middle class family, the son of a conservative elected municipal grows in Burgenland, the least prosperous province of Austria, near the Hungarian border. He became regional manager of the Freedom Party in 1996. In 2005, the historic leader of the party, Jörg Haider, is forced to create its own training because it exceeded his right internally by Heinz Heinrich Strache. Norbert Hofer opts for the latter camp, taking a tougher political line. But the results of the FPÖ plunge after a long series of blunders. Incarnation of the wing “brown” party, the presidential candidate 2010, Barbara Rosenkranz, obtained only 15.2% of the vote. Alongside the General Secretary Herbert Kickl Norbert Hofer then advises Heinrich-Heinz Strache, only two years his senior, to show a more moderate line.

“When talking about Norbert Hofer talking about someone fascinated by the ideology of Greater Germany.”

most bulky caciques are discarded, like Andreas Mölzer, thanked having qualified in 2014 the European Union “nigger conglomerate.” Under the leadership of Norbert Hofer, the party polishes his speech, banning openly xenophobic and antisemitic expressions, that were once his trademark. The FPÖ focuses on purchasing power and social protection, nibbling the electorate of the Social Democratic Party SPÖ. A winning bet: boosted by the crisis of migrants and wear of the grand coalition formed by the SPÖ with conservatives since 2008, Norbert Hofer siphoned the first round about 40% of voters in both parties, none reached 11.3%, according to ARGE institute.

“by not resorting to aggressive messages to which we are accustomed from the FPÖ, he has shown great skill” analysis to AFP political analyst Thomas Hofer. But the candidate, given the heavy favorite in the second round against the environmentalist Alexander Van der Bellen, has not less warned that he would remain adamant about the “values” of the FPÖ if he became President. He threatened to dissolve parliament if the majority did not follow its recommendations on migrants. In one of his few expletives, he also treated Alexander Van der Bellen “fascist green.” “When talking about Norbert Hofer talking about someone fascinated by the ideology of Greater Germany. We’re talking about someone who has been out of the hat by a party leader who pioneered neo-Nazi in the middle, “says a Christian Rainer editorial, editor of the weekly Profile .

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