Sunday, May 29, 2016

VIDEO. Lightning over the Parc Monceau “The child was blue in the face” – Le Parisien

“What I realized, anyone could have done. I have done my job. “Yesterday afternoon, responsiveness and professionalism of Pascal Gremillot, 50, commander of the brigade of firefighters of Paris (BSPP), probably saved a child from death.

” I was boulevard Malesherbes when I saw a woman running around in panic. She wanted to borrow my laptop. I immediately understood that lightning fell on the park. “

All the witnesses evoke a flash of a rare violence. “He fell once, vertically, said a local resident who saw the phenomenon from his window. But I was even more impressed by the sound of explosion that accompanied it. It was extremely brutal. “

Pascal Gremillot rapidly enters the park he knows well, having raced there often when he was stationed in the barracks of Montmartre. “I spotted a group of nine people on the ground, especially children, continues this Franche-Comte, the father of two children. Two adults were still standing but they were completely shocked, dazed, unable to react. They too had been struck by lightning. In fact I had facing me eleven victims. “

Thanks to its experience and without having to conduct an initial examination, the firefighter immediately spot three worst cases. “The state of dads worried me. Although he managed to get up to move, I noticed that his behavior was seriously injured. I lay on the ground. One of the children was limited, but he quickly recovered himself. However, I found that another child was in cardiac arrest. He had a blue face. “

The commander immediately supports the boy:” I have confirmed that he had no pulse. I tried to instill twice by performing mouth-to-mouth but without success. So I started CPR. “As he strives to again beat the heart of the toddler, the officer order to rationalize its intervention. “We were still under a tree and I was afraid that the lightning should descend again, tells one that is particularly spoke at the Concorde crash or the dramatic fire of the Paris-Opéra. I asked the minor injuries to move a few meters. “

VIDEO. Lightning Monceau: the testimony of the first firefighter on the scene

As he continues his heart massage, the officer called the staff of firefighters. “I pointed them the severity of the balance sheet they display immediately the number of adequate nursing teams. “Around him, children, shocked and wounded are crying.

After a few minutes, while his colleagues arrive, Pascal feels little heart to leave in his hands before giving way to doctors. His intervention does not stop there since it provides reinforcements and even manages to find a place that could serve as medical post.

Joint late yesterday post south by phone, the firefighter had not the feeling of having accomplished a heroic gesture. “These are basic skills that every rescuer is capable of. This is why I encourage all citizens to enroll in training. “

After this almost ordinary day, Pascal – who was off this weekend and plans to visit the Cernuschi museum – was last night one project: enjoy a moment of relaxation with its neighbors.

VIDEO. How to protect yourself from lightning?

QUESTION OF THE DAY. Do you think the weather alerts are reliable?

The lightning that annually strikes a million times the hexagonal floor is a huge electrical discharge produced during a thunderstorm. When the sky is full of moisture, water droplets, stirred by air currents, are agitated and rub against each other inside the cloud, resulting in the formation of electricity. But at some point, the cloud can no longer contain all electrical loads and need to release them. When they come to make their way to the earth, we say that the lightning struck. This natural phenomenon is accompanied by a flash and a bang called thunder. The current flows through the route of least resistance, targeting isolated trees, conductor cables, animals and human beings too. The impact of lightning strikes through the body is of the order of ten milliseconds. It sends an electric shock of up to 10 000 volts, 50 times more than a large 220-volt juice blow when you put a finger in the socket. If the current touch the body on the surface, blasted the victim can get away with minor burns. But if it happens in the body of the target from head to toe, it can cause a fatal electric shock or deep lesions (brain, eye or hearing). Over 70% of survivors have lifelong consequences. “It can be heart problems, breathing problems or memory problems,” Francois Jobard lists, engineer-forecaster at Meteo France.


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