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labor law: Valls promises to continue the unblocking – Orange

Work Act <- - CAS LONG!>: Valls has promised to continue the enables receiving and oil carriers, reporting improved

Manuel Valls pledged to continue receiving unlocks Saturday at Matignon tankers and carriers, citing an improvement in the fuel supply, even if the disturbances continue.

“My responsibility as head of government is to ensure that the French can stock up on gasoline, that companies are not penalized by blockages,” said the Prime Minister face to readers of Today ‘ hui in France / Le Parisien.

“So we will continue with determination to evacuate,” promised Mr. Valls reiterated these remarks during a late morning meeting at Matignon with oil and carriers, taking stock of fuel supplies, disrupted for a week by the revolt against the bill work.

“the situation this morning is a situation that is improving a situation which, in some areas, we are almost back to normal and in others, we are very careful, “said the Secretary of State for Transport Alain Vidal, after the meeting.

But” we can not speak of a crisis is over, “he admitted.

” in the last two days, we have greatly improved the situation, although it is still quite tense in some sectors, “confirmed the president of the French Union of petroleum industries (UFIP), Francis Duseux

-.” No withdrawal “of Article 2 – Mr. Valls left the” door open “in discussions on labor law but was quick to reiterate that it would not affect in Article 2. it enshrines, in most cases, the primacy of the company agreement on the Convention branch in terms of the organization of working time, to the chagrin of project opponents who fear the establishment of a “business by working code.”

“There will be no indent text, no indent of Article 2, which aims to decentralize the social dialogue because it is the heart of this legislation, “he repeated.

within left, fifty deputies PS “slingers”, environmentalists and the left Front wrote to François Hollande and asked him “to act without waiting for a crisis” taking account “of the opposition majority in France” at bill.

According to a survey Tilder / LCI / Opinionway, 66% of French people think that the government must withdraw the text.

the hotel and restaurant were also alarmed by “significant cancellations” in Paris and in the Great West, because of strikes and fuel problems in recent days.

in mainland France, all blocked oil depots have been released, except . Gargenville (Yvelines), as the secretariat of State for Transport

in contrast, six of the eight refineries in the country were still at a standstill or at idle Saturday

. – the situation improved at the pump – side service stations, the situation has improved since Thursday. In total just under a third (659) of the 2,200 stations were in trouble, against 815 on Thursday.

In the northwest, the Eure prefecture has reported a “very improvement of fuel stocks “with” only 15% of the stations of the department “closed or struggling, while the prefect of the Cotes d’Armor repealed a decree restricting the sale of fuel.

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the status quo always with 464 stations out of trouble or 1780 according to the prefecture. The situation could spoil Monday especially for companies in the Chemical Valley.

However, the prefects of Corse-du-Sud and Haute-Corse imposed Friday limitations per day per vehicle and prohibits the distribution of fuel in portable containers.

opponents of labor law are far from giving up. The Inter (CGT, Solidaires, FSU, UNEF, Fidl, UNL) has called “to continue and amplify the mobilization” before the next national day of action on June 14

Meanwhile, the strike was extended until Monday the oil terminals of Le Havre that particular feed the Paris airports of Orly and Roissy kerosene. But the government has imposed a minimum service, allowing partial resumption of oil shipments.

The valves remain closed at oil terminals in Marseille, where personal sick leave was extended until Tuesday.


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