Monday, May 30, 2016

Very worried about the state of their finances, mayors expect Holland to a halt – Le Figaro

Coping local elected mayors in the conference is always a difficult exercise for the government representative. François Hollande will likely experience June 2 when he will announce his decisions in closing the 99th.

This year, in a context of declining endowments that elected judge no longer bearable, the situation is particularly tense. Driven by the growing anger of the cities, the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) has called for the cancellation of 3.7 billion euros expected decrease in depreciation in 2017.

Within the AMF, which represents 34,496 mayors and chairmen of intermunicipal 1481, nobody dares to move forward on the content of the presidential ads but it is estimated that the head of State can not ignore the frustration of elected officials. Delegations in discreet rendezvous, everything was done to try to convince the executive. Most common associations have come together to develop and sign a text and alert the authorities. According to them, a further decline in depreciation coupled with the weight of several government decisions would seriously threaten their finances. And when they speak of the territorial reform, the question appears as an additional source of disorder.

While the country faces mass unemployment, local elected officials are sounding the alarm because they are forced to reduce their investments (-25%). Regarding themselves as engines of growth, they find that to face the new charges, they are forced to raise taxes or to trim their public services. The budgetary impact is also felt on the associative world where smaller structures, deprived of aid, are in difficulty.

Towns criticize a policy that ignores the cumulative weight of government decisions. In addition to the cost of school time (cities expect 630 million euros in compensation), municipalities must take revaluation of the index point officials, half from the widows, the transport tax … In other words, elected officials believe that the combination of lower provisions and reforms is not tenable. Many say they are worried because they have been disturbed in their projects. They also say measuring the economic consequences of this situation at the local level. Above all, they do not understand that these communities, which represent 71% of investments are impaired in these times of crisis where they believe the contrary they should play their role in supporting.

Between 2014 and 2017, the three-year plan allocations have weighed 28 billion euros accumulated on communities accountable. François Hollande, June 2, will these numbers in mind but local elected congress in Paris have every intention to recall them.


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