Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Emmanuel Macron will have to pay wealth tax – The World

Emmanuel Macron, Minister of Economy, May  31, 2016 in Valenciennes (Nord).

Minister of economy, Emmanuel Macron, will now pay tax on wealth (ISF) revealed Tuesday, May 31 Mediapart.

“After a year and a half of discussions with the tax authorities, who have focused in particular on the value of the remains of his wife in Le Touquet, Emmanuel Macron finally admitted he had to pay the ISF and filed an amended return for the years 2013 and 2014 “ says information website.

the heritage minister and his wife was revalued, making him cross the wealth tax threshold of € 1.3 million.

in April, Emmanuel Macron criticized ISF

“the scale of the ISF is low on the first tranches of assets (less than 1% up to 5 million), catching up, however, could be less than EUR 10 000, including interest or penalties” adds Mediapart, which requested the office of Emmanuel Macron, which declined to comment, saying the “tax secret” .

“spouses Macron specify that tax secrecy applies to every french taxpayer. They add that their tax situation is quite regular that they have made any statements to which they are subject and they have been no notification of a turnaround “ says the environment minister, contacted by the World.

in April, Emmanuel Macron criticized the ISF in the journal Risks . “I think the tax on the current capital is not optimal” . “If you have a preference for risk facing the pension, which is my case, is preferable taxation on succession to ISF type taxes” , he told.

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According to his statement on the website of the High Authority for transparency in public life, when he worked at the Rothschild bank, the current economy minister had won 2.4 million euros between 2011 and May 2012, said Mediapart

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