Saturday, May 28, 2016

Macron, shirt and pants: what really happened – L’Express

Emmanuel Macron wants to make contact with French. Friday afternoon in the small city of Hérault Lunel, the man left the best position in the polls for 2017 was slightly hooked. In answering a militant somewhat aggressive that the best way to pay for a suit was to work, it has been criticized on his supposed contempt.

The Express was able to watch the whole scene, filmed by two local journalists, Laurent Damiron and Dimitri Moulins. It takes about six minutes.

A handshake at the conclusion

A book of Gerard Filoche denouncing El Khomri law in hand, the older of the two activists denounced “laws are in the interests of bosses “, and does not leave the floor when Emmanuel Macron tries to contradict him. The scene heats up when the young man standing beside her exclaims: “We are fed up, I’m 21, I find myself at the end of training, I do not have to pay me as a suit and tie like this! “, pointing to his black shirt.

“You’re not going to scare me with your T-shirt. The best way to pay for a suit is to work” then replied the minister. “Since the age of sixteen I work!” Retorts the young activist, who eventually move away. The discussion with the older man, wearing a union sticker South and teacher saying to Nimes, is still continuing several minutes. Always difficult, but respectful. She eventually a handshake before the economy minister resumes his way regularly collared by citizens with whom he does not hesitate to engage in conversation.

Meet the CGT late in the day

Patrick Vignal, PS deputy of Herault hosted the minister that day: “I Emmanuel Macron was presenting to the digital factory Lunel, which helps to fight against school dropout. Two militants against the Labour law, equipped with a megaphone, trying to disrupt the meeting with young people from the outside. I went out to them ask to stop and I promised the minister would see. ”

The day was going perfectly until now, regrets Patrick Vignal. “Emmanuel Macron is a great economy minister who has shown himself available from 12h to 21h in a small town like Lunel”. After over an hour of eel fishing on the pond of Gold, the minister was about to meet with business leaders in late afternoon. Invited to participate, the CGT Lunel read a text against the Labour MP law that the judge “balanced”. If it had not had 49.3, himself would have voted against, he said.


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