Monday, May 23, 2016

Four year sentence against former Commissioner Michel Neyret – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The sentence requested against the former number two of the PJ Lyon is accompanied by a suspended sentence of 18 months. For procureures the policeman “innovative methods” has been corrupted by scammers who were able to exploit his taste for luxury.

” this is the story of a great cop, but also of a free electron, which has set its own rules. It is also the shady history between police and informers in which power changes hands. “Thus that were summarized by the magistrate, Philippe Annabelle, several weeks of hearings in Paris is considered Michel Neyret , the former number two of the PJ Lyon and against which 4 years in prison with 18 months suspended were required.

this Monday was dedicated to the requisitions of the nine defendants involved in this case. During more than four hours, two representatives prosecutors took turns to raise this matter at the heart of which is Michel Neyret and for which all superlatives, mixed with praise, were used. “Neyret, star of the gang,” “Neyret a policeman unusual”, “Neyret, an outstanding public servant to innovative methods,” “Neyret, a leader of men to the charismatic personality” and “Neyret which remains a legend for many, “says the prosecutor.

In these circumstances, to attack a police officer who for years led a distinguished career, has not been an easy task for Philippe Annabelle. In accustomed requisitions, it confesses that it is more convenient to shoot the sword of justice on the head of thugs who deliberately chose the path of crime rather than that of a servant of the State was “a great cop.” But she and her colleague, Aude Duret, Michel Neyret strayed wanting to make good profit “at all costs”. Even “violating the law, and put away his superiors and the judiciary.” Michel Neyret also described as “egocentric” would have applied the law according to its own law.

But the magistrates, it is not the origin of the “corrupt pact” referred to hearing. He became, in their view, by two corrupt crooks who quickly spotted and exploited the “Achilles heel” of the Divisional Commissioner: cars and taste for luxury

“it’s beautiful in the pool, he drove a Ferrari, it is massaged”

a wiretap on a conversation between these two thugs is to rapellée elsewhere in the requisitions. The two men recount the good life they offer to the police in doing bathing in luxury. “It’s beautiful in the pool, he drove a Ferrari, it is massaged,” they say then speaking official as an investment. “He was with us for ten years and more it will go, the more it will gain rank,” says one of them. Michel Neyret, which would have benefited from the generosity of two men by being offer Cartier or Chopard watches but also trips, was their thank you. The roles are then reversed. “The policeman turns into police informant by providing infomations every day”, says Annabelle Philippe.

Repeated opening, Michel Neyret breached the privilege to infomercials these two men, who were absent at the trial , have been demanding 5-year prison arrest warrant as well as loudes fines of 250,000 euros for one and € 100,000 for the other. Twelve months suspended sentence were required against the wife of Michel Neyret who have tasted in full knowledge of this lifestyle.

But terrible precision, Judge doubt that these informants have been used . Michel Neyet which at that time, is interested in economic crime was, she said, “zero results”.

In the fall, the number two of the PJ would have carried with it police officers who worked under him. These do not have the “strength of character” to oppose its methods, such as dip into drug seizures to reward informants. “We must take into account these human elements,” says Aude Duret asking, against three officials in question, 6 to 10 months suspended sentence with no criminal record for both of them still in business.

two other sentences – two months suspended prison sentence and a fine of 8,000 euros and 10,000 euros fine-have been claimed against two other defendants



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