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Labor law: the government looking for a crisis – The Point

The protest against the labor law remained strong throughout France Thursday with a multiplication of blockages, work stoppages and sometimes enamelled signs of violence, while the government is still looking for a crisis.

Besides dams and “strikers occupying their business”, the CGT has identified “nearly 300,000 protesters” in France, against 400,000 a week earlier. The authorities have counted 153,000 (128,000 May 19).

In a little over two weeks of the Euro football and to the risks for the economy, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said it was ” unacceptable “to” block a country. “

This eighth national day of action, the call of seven unions (CGT-FO-Solidaires, FSU-UNEF-Fidl-UNL), gathered in paris 18000-19000 people according to police, 100,000 according to organizers.

new clashes erupted in the capital, hooded protesters smashed shop windows, damaged vehicles, threw objects and pushed a trolley supermarket fired towards the police, who responded with tear gas. Thirty-two people were taken into custody – 62 throughout France

At the end of the Paris demonstration, “a hundred people took part in five police officers who were conducting. interpellation, “said the prefecture. During the clashes that followed, “a young man was seriously injured” and hospitalized.

The circumstances of the incident “should be established,” said the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, who asked an administrative investigation. The Paris prosecutor opened his side a judicial inquiry also entrusted to the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN).

Inédite under a socialist government since 1981, mobilization began on March 9 is mounted a notch since the weekend, with the opening match of the employees of oil facilities and fuel supply difficulties. Fourteen deposits were released without incident, according to the Interior

Main point of tension. Article 2 of the project which establishes the primacy to enterprise agreements in the management of working time, a red line for the protesters unions who fear social dumping.

the confusion in the face of conflicting discourses in the majority was exacerbated on Thursday when Manuel Valls has reframed his finance minister Michel Sapin, reaffirming ” would not touch “in Article 2. Since Japan, Francois Hollande agreed.

the leader of the CGT Philippe Martinez joked, saying the president had” more than most ” .

– “Everybody hates PS” –

“Everyone hates the PS,” chanted the protesters in Lille, where these slogans took precedence over singing anti-police.

in Rennes, where 3,500 (police) to 8,000 (FO) have shown, the railway traffic was interrupted for nearly an hour after an invasion pathways. In Nantes, a yet banned demonstration gathered at least 1,300 people and was studded with damage.

The blocking of the airport of Nantes during part of the day was to resume Friday at 4:00, according to the CGT . Also in Loire-Atlantique, the Total Donges refinery was “full stop” since Thursday, according to the union.

At Cherbourg, a stronghold of Bernard Cazeneuve, the factory submarines nuclear DCNS group was “totally blocked” until early afternoon. In the margins of the movement, a union CGT was killed in Cherbourg and another seriously injured in a road accident.

Fos-sur-Mer, a protester was seriously injured by a vehicle that wanted to force a dam CGT, and two protesters were injured in Vitrolles by a truck driver. The latter, attacked by the demonstrators was molested before the intervention of police and hospitalized and placed in police custody.

Nine nuclear power plants, the French 19, have experienced production declines, according to the CGT, without hindering the electricity supply, assured RTE, the national high-voltage network.

Few disturbances SNCF also (10.6% of strikers, according to management).

with six refineries in eight stopped or disrupted and a fifth of the 11,500 partial break in service stations or total supply, oil sites retained the attention of government. Manuel Valls will receive players from Saturday sector.

According to a survey Tilder / LCI / Opinionway, 66% of French people think that the government should withdraw the labor law.

26/05 / 2016 11:33:54 p.m. – Paris (AFP) – AFP © 2016


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