Monday, May 30, 2016

Preliminary PremièreFrançois Baroin evaluates the discontent of mayors at a “very intense” – Le Figaro

On the occasion of the 99th Congress of Mayors which opens on Tuesday, the president of the AMF warns the executive against the “deep anger” of local officials.

the President of the mayors of France Association is worried right mayor. After twenty-one years in command of the city of Troyes, Baroin says he had “never seen such a complicated mandate, difficult to master, especially in budget squeeze and the preparation of the investments in debates on territorial reform. ”

For the obstacle of lower provisions adds a series of difficulties related to the social climate, the radicalization threat in neighborhoods and the financial impact of several government measures. Meanwhile, 12 billion savings promised to Brussels, via territorial reform, are not about to be felt and, Baroin, history …


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