Monday, May 23, 2016

The PS headquarters of the Isère in Grenoble targeted by gunfire – The World

The headquarters of the Socialist Party (PS) of the Isère in Grenoble was targeted by gun shots in the night of Sunday 22 to Monday, May 23, police said, confirming . the information given by the newspaper Le Dauphiné released

Twelve 9mm impacts were identified on the iron curtain – which was declined – from local, does evokes -on police source. Several casings were found on the ground. At this stage, the exact circumstances of the shooting are not known.

“A malicious damage to Weapon investigation was opened and entrusted to the departmental safety Isère” announced in a press release, the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve. “Everything is made to call as soon as the perpetrators of these unacceptable acts. They must face justice.

” Fifteen hotlines PS attacked “

” We condemn in the strongest terms the unacceptable behavior and we will immediately carry complaint “, said Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, the first secretary of the PS, adding that there was nobody in the premises at the time of the shooting.

” I m ‘offusquais already there fortnight fifteen hotlines PS have been attacked “ as part of the challenge to the labor law, ” without it causes no line, no reaction ” added Mr. Cambadélis, while refusing to officially link the shooting to Grenoble and mobilization against the law.

“the degradation of hotlines elected officials and political parties seen in recent weeks are inherently incompatible with the exercise of pluralism and diversity of opinion guarantees the rule of law , Cazeneuve said. The events last night in Grenoble are particularly serious and are an intolerable attack on democracy in our country. “

The first secretary of the PS also said to have ” written all parties asking them to respond “. “There is an atmosphere very 1930s that is taking root in this country. “


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