Thursday, May 26, 2016

Labour law: touch or not Article 2, return on government cacophony – francetv info

Strikes in the 19 French nuclear plants, five refineries in eight stopped or idling blocked fuel depots, petrol station in five out of total or partial stock and once again, the demonstrations throughout France against the proposed labor law … the government is more than ever under pressure. F to ace the growing scale of challenge and risk of the country paralyzed for a little over two weeks of the football Euro , the executive seemed to want to seek a outcome, Thursday, May 26 . But he reacted with some confusion.

A wrong note reminiscent of yesterday. The question of possible changes to Article 2 of the bill had already led to a quack Wednesday between the government and the president of the PS group in the Assembly. Bruno Le Roux had thus said to be open to change on this point before being cropped by the executive. Francetv returns info on this new disagreement in five acts. The second in two days on the subject in the majority.

Act 1. Valls evokes “modifications” Bill

Guest BFMTV of Thursday morning, Manuel Valls seemed to want to let go a little ballast. “There is no question of changing the frame” of the Labour Law, assured the Prime Minister, adding: “There may still be changes, improvements.” the head of government did not specify however which. “We’ll see” , has he said, “but there will be no change in the philosophy of the text “.

2. Sapin Act suggests to” touch down in Article 2 “

a few minutes later, on LCP, his finance minister, Michel Sapin, went a step further, suggesting rewriting of Article 2, the most contested by opponents of the Labor law which refuse that business agreements prevail in the future on branch agreements. “Maybe he should touch down in Article 2″ some “points” , conceded the minister. He added: “We must look at all this in detail” and “finesse”, while avoiding any “questioning of principles” key reform project.

3. Act Valls reframes Fir

This hardly ajar door, Manuel Valls has quick to close it. “We will not touch Article 2″ , sliced, still on BFM TV, the Prime Minister, just minutes after the statements by its Minister of Finance.

Act 4. Fir returns to his words

Michel Sapin then assured to be on the same line as his prime minister, in a written statement this time. “We do not touch the general philosophy of the text. The company agreement primera therefore on the branch agreement” , he said. And the Minister to insist: “There may be improvements in the Senate, but the philosophy of the text and that of Article 2 should not move.”

Act 5. Holland supports Valls face Fir

In Japan, where it comes attend the summit of the G7, François Hollande guest in the debate and provided sound support to his prime minister. “This was said by the Prime Minister” , in particular on Article 2 of the bill, “is what to say,” concluded the head of state. François Hollande concluded: M anual Valls “made a radio speech this morning which is exactly what we agreed before we left” <. / p> francetv INFO RECOMMENDS Related Subjects


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