Thursday, May 26, 2016

LIVE. Labour law: eighth day of mobilization – Le Parisien

The mobilization peaked March 31: 390,000 protesters according to police, 1.2 million according to the organizers. Since she seemed to wane. But is bullish May 19 (128 000 to 400 000).

disruption in the oil sector, in the energy sector, transport strikes, in ports, in the aviation: social movements are many on Thursday.

On the political side, though officially there is no question of removing the text of the Labour Act, the assumption of a change in Article 2 concerning the reversal of the hierarchy of norms between the branch and the company was put on the table, including the president of the PS group in the national Assembly, Bruno Le Roux. “There will be no withdrawal of the text, nor questioning of Article 2 because it is the heart of the philosophy of the text”, however, said the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls.

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8 hours. “The diehards some hurt trade unionism” denounces Laurent Berger. The leader of the CFDT attacks the blockades led by the CGT, “It disturbs employees including commuting to work and all citizens.” “I call on some responsibility, calm down the game and try to find solutions,” he said on France Info

(France info)

7:55. “The balance is found suitable for the CFDT,” says Laurent Berger. The number of CFDT still shows its support Labour Bill and calls on France Info, do not touch Article 2. “you have to leave in companies choosing to discuss the organization of work,” he justifies. “I understand there was some discord” within the government on the subject, notes Laurent Berger.

7:45. Bruno Le Roux (PS): “The 49.3 is in the Constitution, not blocking.” Asked about France 2, Bruno Le Roux, leader of the PS deputies in the National Assembly, who spoke yesterday possibility of amending section 2 of the Labour law says that “by the end of July, there are members who want to continue working.” “I welcome that the reformist unions support this reform,” he said, assuring not want “neither withdrawal nor change of philosophy.” As for the social movement against the Labour Law, he said: “When I see that trying to block our country, this is not acceptable in a democracy. The 49.3 is in the Constitution, not blocking. “

(France 2)

7:30. Blocking commercial port of Brest. In Brest (Finistère), access to the commercial port is blocked from 5:30, as “the telegram.”

7:20. Several roundabouts busy. Protesters occupy roundabouts in different places of the territory. To the east of Amiens (Somme), for example, there were 150 protesters. Near Avignon (Vaucluse), the roundabout Bonpas is busy, reports France info.

7:10. Two other bridges cut. The bridge of Tancarville and Flaubert bridge in Rouen (Seine-Maritime), are also cut.

7 hours. Blocking view of the Normandy Bridge. “The security forces are present in mass, so we are heading towards the Normandy Bridge to avoid confrontation,” says Steward FW of the Renault factory in Sandouville (Seine-Maritime) Fabien gloA. “If they also come to the bridge is that they are seeking confrontation,” he added.

6:55. Slight improvement in SNCF. As expected Wednesday night by the railway, there is a “slight improvement” on trafficking, with 4 train 5 and in Paris, the RER traffic is announced “near normal” except on the line B where RER 4 of 5 circulate; 4 of 5 trains travel on the Transilien network. On other lines, disruptions were to remain the same on Wednesday with 2 B 3 (including replacement bus) and Intercity 6 out of 10.

6:50. A third of gas stations in difficulty. Wednesday, more than 4,000 gas stations were recognized in total or partial failure.

6:40. Nuclear plants disrupted. At least 16 of the 19 nuclear power plants have voted to strike Wednesday and 3 thermal power plants are already stopped, according to the CGT.

6:35. Your newspaper available. Due to the blocking of the release of almost all the national dailies, “Le Parisien” – “Today in France” is absent from kiosks. But it is available for free in PDF format on our website.

6:30. No national newspapers except one. The daily newspapers are absent from newsstands Thursday. The CGT wanted them to publish a forum for its secretary general, Philippe Martinez, entitled “Modernity is the social progress, not the law work.” Faced with the refusal of the daily, their publication was blocked. Single “Humanity” has accepted and is therefore available.

Valls: “Neither withdrawal” of labor law or “questioning” of Article 2

Valls: “the CGT is no law in this country”

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