Pascal Gremillot first firefighter on the scene. – Le Parisien TV

There are everyday heroes. Gremillot Pascal, 50, is from these men. “What I realized everybody could have done. I have done my job, “he says, though.

On Saturday afternoon, 11 people, including eight children 7 to 8 years, were injured by lightning, one seriously, the Parc Monceau in Paris during a thunderstorm. All have relied on the reactivity of the brigade commander of the firefighters of Paris (BSPP), who was passing by.

“I was boulevard Malesherbes when I saw a woman panicked running around. She wanted to borrow my laptop. I immediately understood that lightning fell on the park, “he told the Parisien. ” I spotted a group of nine people on the ground, especially children. Two adults were still standing but they were completely shocked, dazed, unable to react. They too had been struck by lightning. In fact I had facing me eleven victims. “

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“A child was blue in the face”

He continues. “The state of dads worried me. Although he managed to get up to move, I noticed that his behavior was seriously injured. I lay on the ground. One of the children was limited, but he quickly recovered himself. However, I found that another child was in cardiac arrest. He had a blue face. “

The firefighter administers first aid. “I confirmed that he had no pulse. I tried to instill twice by performing mouth-to-mouth but without success. So I started CPR. “Around him, the wounded and shocked children are crying. It continues the massage, and called the staff of firefighters to specify the severity of the balance sheet.

Five of the eleven people still in hospital

When help arrived, Pascal feels fight again the heart of the child under his hands. It leaves room for doctors and find a place to set up a medical post. “These are basic skills that every rescuer is capable of. This is why I encourage all citizens to enroll in training, “he says humbly to the Paris daily.

Five of the 11 people injured by lightning Saturday to Monceau park were still hospitalized Sunday afternoon, the other six having been discharged from hospital. The AP-HP has denied any precision