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Sexual harassment: testimony against Denis Baupin accumulate – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Five new women decided to break the silence on Monday. They tell, with Mediapart and France Inter, facts can be harassment or sexual assault. Today they are 13 stories that come to overwhelm the Green MP.

Three weeks after the first charges against Denis Baupin, five new evidence come to overwhelm the Green MP. Five women, two of whom openly, decided to break the silence and tell the facts that may be harassment or sexual assault, and France Inter Mediapart reported Monday. The incident allegedly took place between 1997 and 2014. None of them has complained but all will testify before the Brigade of repression of crime against the person (BRDP), in charge of the preliminary investigation opened by the prosecutor from Paris the day after the first charges.

“Stop screaming, your secretary will hear us”

Geneviève Zdrojewski worked in the Ministry of Environment in the 1990s In 1997, the official finds himself Bureau Chief cabinet of Dominique Voynet, Minister of the Environment. One of his closest advisers called Denis Baupin. Now retired, Geneviève Zdrojewski remembers two physical assaults. “The first time, Mr. Baupin entered my office quickly, so totally unexpected, and he threw himself on me. I started to cry. He said, ‘Stop screaming, your secretary will hear us.’ I said: “But it’s unbearable. Stop, stop. “I was pissed. So it came out. “The second time, the scene takes place in the toilet. “There, he pressed against the wall, with his hands on my breasts and trying to kiss me. Both times it was brutal and sexual. “

The official never mentioned in the ministry. Only to friends. “Because I was still traumatized. It’s very humbling … This was very uncomfortable. It was a really violent. “These are the first accounts published on May 9 that convinced her to talk.

“An octopus who jumped me”

of anonymity, another woman tells a meal with leaders of the Greens, a few months before the 1999 European elections. she is a young activist of the party. “Denis Baupin sat in front of me. He made me walk; he even removed his shoe to reach my crotch, “she says Mediapart . Released table, Denis Baupin asked him to follow in his office, saying the arrival of a fax. She did not dare refuse. “Barely entered his office is an octopus that jumped me. He tried to kiss me by all means. I struggled … And of course, there was no fax … “

In the aftermath, several party cadres have crossed. “We saw her get distracted, a little crying, saying,” Protect me. “She said she had just suffered the assaults of Denis Baupin,” recalls Jean-Claude Biau, former member of the college Executive (the governing body of the Greens), present at the time. They raccompagnent at the hotel and were never again about the incident.

Pats in the neck

In the early 2000s, is a collaborator Denis Baupin undergoing gestures and SMS displaced ecologist elected Deputy Mayor in Paris Mermet 2001. Laurence, who works directly under him is a political meeting of the Greens. “I was sitting comfortably in a chair (…). Denis Baupin came and sat right behind me. Then he came very close and started stroking my neck insistently unambiguously (…). Shocked, so I made him understand firmly that I was not interested in it with him and have firmly rejected. He never tried anything with me later. “There was also the” SMS allusions here too clear. ” She is now convinced that this episode was partly push to resign as she left a few months later.

“You work until what time?”

SMS, a young radio journalist also received. The young woman is responsible to call and welcome guests. Among them, Denis Baupin. After transmission, a first text message, then another and another. “It was not sexual but messages like: ‘You work until what time?’ ‘Ah, but you work late …’ “Z remembers the 30 and 31 December 2014.” Up to 21 hours or 22 hours, on 31 December, it did not stop. I ended by saying that I was family, that it had no place to be and I was working in the media … It stopped. ” Today, the woman does not want to deal with him.

“It will not Denis?”

Campaigns legislative of 2012 in Paris. Denis Baupin candidate is in the eighth arrondissement. At a press conference, a young activist crosses the EELV candidate. “Denis has arrived. He gave me a kiss using his left hand under my right breast, “she said today, on condition of anonymity. A “gesture moved,” she said, may take a sexual assault. She remembers launched immediately: “It’s not going Denis? ” He replied:” This is your companion to react. ‘ ”

It is now 13 testimonies that accuse the environmentalist. Shortly after the first accusations, he had resigned as vice president of the National Assembly while rejecting outright the first eight stories. Describing these accusations of “false”, the MP had announced its intention to file a complaint for defamation against France Inter and Mediapart .

When contacted by Le Figaro , his lawyer Emmanuel Pierrat declined to respond after the publication of this new evidence.

An interview with conditions

While Denis Baupin had so far refused to comment, Mediapart and France Inter had managed to get an interview with environmentalist elected. Appointment is made Saturday, May 28 His lawyer Emmanuel Pierrat fixed for long recording of the interview. Then on the day, said that he will not be broadcast on. Finally, it asks that the comments made by his client are “off.” That is to say they are not transcribed. The explanation: Denis Baupin could give clues on witnesses who may turn against him and earn him a complaint for “violation of privacy”. The journalists refused and lawyer cancels maintenance.


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