Thursday, May 26, 2016

DIRECT – Valls: No withdrawal of labor law but possible changes – Le Figaro

“There will be no withdrawal, no questioning of the fundamental principles of law, which does not mean we can not do in the dialogue”, particularly on Article 2 more controversial, explained Michel Sapin Thursday morning on LCP. “You have perhaps touch it, you have to look in detail, this is the social dialogue. It should not be in the rough, the boom boom, you have to be in finesse,” a-t- . he added

at the same time on RMC, Manuel Valls contradicted: “We will not touch Article 2″, he responded to what his finance minister. “I’m always open when we need to improve some aspect but instead on the broad lines of the text in Article 2 that is, trading in the company, the youth guarantee new rights for employees, the fight against illegal detachment, what we do for young people, that it is not about to touch it, “he explained earlier.

this new blunder comes at after one involving the President of the Socialist group in the Assembly, Bruno Le Roux, who also raised the possibility of amending article 2, before getting crop by Stéphane Le Foll, spokesman of the government.


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