Saturday, May 21, 2016

police car on fire in Paris: four men set to review attempted murder – The World

The police car on fire quai de Valmy,  Wednesday, May 18, in Paris during a demonstration  against-the sidelines of a gathering of police  unions, Republic Square, against the 'anti-hate  cops.
  • Attempt to murder.
  • voluntary Violence in meeting person holding public authority.
  • public good Degradation meeting.
  • . participation in an armed gathering
  • The offense of criminal association have not been selected

The four men, aged 18 to 32 years -. three students and unemployed – belong to the anti-fascist movement, according to prosecutors. A source at the Interior Ministry said in World that “they were known by the services.” According to the prosecution, they sought a deferred debate before the judge of detention and freedom and are subject to a provisional detention before the debate that should take place in four days . The fifth suspect was released Friday.

During their interrogation, they “broadly asserted their right to silence” , said the prosecutor, and one of them refused the harvest of DNA. During searches in the suspects were seized, including brass knuckles, batons and gas bottles.

Three in custody had been a ban on demonstrations for the day previous mobilization against the labor code reform law as part of the now extended state of emergency until 26 July.

the attack on the police car occurred near instead of the Republic of Paris, where there was a demonstration against the “anti-hate cops” to call police unions. Two officers of the company the device management of public order and traffic (DOPC) were on board when an object resembling a smoke bomb was thrown inside. Kevin Philippy, who was driving, received ten days of temporary disability (ITT), his colleague Alison Bartholomew four days. Prime Minister Manuel Valls had demanded sanctions “relentless” against those who “want to pay a cop.”

Five members of the police and gendarmerie, including two who were in the car, was awarded the gold medal of Homeland security, May 21, at a ceremony in the presence of François Hollande. Mr. Philippy, seen avoid a breaker bar moves on video, will “be integrated as a peacekeeper in the national police” , the ministry del’intérieur.


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