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Disappearance of the aircraft EgyptAir: Cairo says he found debris – The World

The with AFP and Reuters

the Egyptian army announced on Friday 20 May, have recovered personal effects of passengers and aircraft debris 290 km off Alexandria, following the plane crash of EgyptAir Paris-Cairo, which crashed into the sea with 66 people on board in still mysterious circumstances.

This information, questionable, was taken from the Greek Minister of Defence Panos Kammenos. The day before, a first announcement of the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation had been denied. While international research continues, Mr. Kammenos said Friday that a “human limb, two seats and one or more suitcases” were found.

Space Agency European (ESA) has also said Friday in a statement that one of its satellites had detected a possible oil slick, “long about 2 kilometers” , “about 40 kilometers southeast of the last known location of the aircraft. ” The ESA says however that “There is no guarantee that the spill comes from the device have disappeared. “

An image of the Egyptian army shows an  Egyptian military vessel participating in the  research to locate the wreckage of the A320  EgyptAir flight that crashed Thursday, 20 May in  the Mediterranean.
An image of the Egyptian army shows an Egyptian military vessel participating in the research to locate the wreckage of the A320 EgyptAir plane s’ crashed on 20 May in the Mediterranean Credits. REUTERS TV / REUTERS

the United States and France have associated with research, Paris hurrying in the area 50 a recognition Falcon previously assigned to the European mission to fight against smuggling of migrants in the Mediterranean. The French navy was also sending more aircraft, Atlantique 2, and a patrol ship

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No hypothesis rejected

the MS804 flight, aboard which were 56 passengers, seven crew members and three security agents, has suddenly disappeared from radar screens Thursday after 2 am with no problem has been reported by the pilot while flying conditions were excellent when approaching the Egyptian coast.

in Athens, the Greek Minister of Defence Panos Kammenos, said Airbus EgyptAir had turned 90 ° to the left, then made a full rotation and immersed in while passing 37 000 feet altitude to 15,000 (from 11,470 meters to 4650 meters), before disappearing from radar screens Greek. There is no evidence yet to explain these oscillations cap.

“All assumptions are reviewed but none is privileged” , said on Friday the Minister of Foreign Affairs french, Jean-Marc Ayrault, France 2 evoking the accident. Among the passengers – including two babies and a child – were 30 Egyptians, 15 French nationals and ten other countries, said EgyptAir

US officials do not advance more and say that. examination of satellite images did not provide yet any evidence to speak of an explosion of the plane.

on the Egyptian side, the Prime Minister, Ismail Sharif, said Thursday that it was too early to make any explanation, but the minister of civil aviation, Sherif Fathi, while remaining extremely cautious, for his part conceded that the hypothesis of a terrorist act was more likely than a technical failure.

investigation by Cairo

in Paris, the prosecutor opened an investigation into the disappearance of the MS804 flight and France announced that three members of investigation and analysis Bureau (BEA) and a technical advisor Airbus had gone to Cairo to participate in the investigations.

in accordance with the rules set by the UN, Cairo will be responsible for the investigation with assistance from several countries, including France, where the plane had been assembled, and the United States, which is based manufacturer Pratt & amp reactors; . Whitney that equipped the plane

Airbus said that the device, an A320 equipped with Pratt & amp reactors; Whitney, was delivered to EgyptAir in November 2003 and had approximately 48,000 flight hours. The pilot had approximately 6275 hours of experience, more than 2000 A320; and copilot, 2766 hours EgyptAir said his side

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