Tuesday, May 17, 2016

“Night Stand” still standing – Est Républicain

                 17/05/2016 05:00, updated at 07:14


Looking Sunday hundreds of participants in “Night Stand”, places the Republic in Paris, happy to be connected with Puerta del Sol in Madrid, to celebrate five years of the movement “Occupy”, it was difficult to say that the movement was losing momentum. It was also difficult not to consider “Night Stand” as a popular movement.

And yet … In a month and a half, the sociology of people who visit the Republic Square in the capital, changed . Civil society, very present in the first days is not. If weekends exception where the curious mix with the militants, the crowd is less compact … but more determined. The decrease in working time to 25 hours and the capping of resources to 6000 euros (gross) are propositions that appeal to participants now quite radicalized, far left tendency. Political parties as six weeks ago, still lack the dimension

On the square, seven or eight young men debating culture. For or against the Pinault Foundation businessman and collector of contemporary art? No scheduled vote, just an exchange. The theme is cartoonish but argued and interesting debate. It reflects the spirit of “Night Stand” remake the world



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