Jean-Claude Delage of the Alliance union, speaks, instead of the Republic on 18 May 2016. – F.FLOUX / 20Minutes

square with barriers and intensive filtering to enter. Dozens of policemen were deployed Republic Square to maintain order on Wednesday, as usual at demonstrations the police. Roadblocks were also set up in the adjacent streets to block pedestrians. The safety of the rally police was not left to chance. That same morning, an against-manifestation of the collective “Emergency our Police kills” against police violence was banned by the Prefecture of Paris.

Everything is ready, therefore, to welcome the forces of order responding to the call of Alliance and UNSA-Police saying “stop the anti-hate cops.” CGT-Police, also present, for his preferred side invite the public to discuss and exchange with police. Problem: Barriers and filtering only allow little world that is not provided with police or press cards. “We will meet them, around the square, as they can not join us,” said Alexandre Langlois, national secretary of the CGT-Police.

“What we want is simply respect “

Under the monument to the Republic, the ranks are thinning. “The police have no right to strike, said Fabien Vanhemelryck, National Secretary of Alliance. They are forced to ask one day or come on their own time. “They are hundreds – 7,000 according to organizers – to have made the trip. “I came to support my colleagues who are more present on the street, facing the breakers,” says Gilles, 49. Stephanie also made the trip. “What we want is simply respect. The latest events have shown an eagerness on the police. We are here to say that the police are Republican, our religion, it is democracy, “says this 38-year police officer.

Some politicians are appearing without interference at the entrance: Eric Ciotti, MP LR Alpes-Maritimes, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen and Gilbert Collard, deputies FN Vaucluse and Gard. Eric Coquerel, the Left Party, managed to enter after being forcing a first time … “The place of the Republic was privatized in the Alliance’s appeal,” says Regional Councillor of Ile-de-France . During that time, quai de Valmy, a police car was burned by a dozen people. A dozen cars of police sirens blaring from the scene.

 against the demonstrators at the rally  policemen instead of the R & # xe9; public  have incendi xe9 & #; a car of the security  forces on 18 May 2016.
The place against demonstrators at the rally policemen of the Republic set fire to a car of the security forces on 18 May 2016. – T.LEMOINE / 20minutes

On stage, Jean-Claude Delage, secretary general of Alliance, spoke. “We are not here to occupy space so that others are not there. (…) We are here today to give our utmost support to our colleagues. To say how proud we are of them. “The union then appealed:” Dear citizens, show your support by all means. Together, we will silence the radicals who would like to believe that everyone hates the police, those who discredit a social movement. Say no to anti-hate cops. Reject those who are the shame of democracy and support those who offer sometimes their lives. “ La Marseillaise is sung. It is 1:28 p.m..

Jean-Claude Delage of the Alliance union,  speaks Place de la R & # xe9; public on 18  May 2016.
Jean-Claude Delage of the Alliance union, speaks, Republic Square, 18 May 2016 – F.FLOUX / 20Minutes

Marine has heard the call of Jean-Claude Delage. She is here for, with his t-shirt on which she recorded several messages of support to the police. “I came to help, because I’m glad to find them when I need them. They do a complicated job in difficult conditions. They are there for us, then we must be there for them, “claims this inhabitant of the Hague-les-Roses (Val-de-Marne). A little further, Philippe, a Paris police officer 35 years, shows have made the trip on his day off. “I wanted to be here, on this symbolic place of the Republic Square, to say that our role is precisely to defend the Republic. We we’re standing even if we’re tired. “

 Navy came xe9 t & #; testify its support  to the police, instead of R & # xe9; public,  on 18 May 2016.
Navy came to show his support to the police, instead of the Republic, on 18 May 2016. – F.FLOUX / 20Minutes

Soon the police disperse, some have taken their service. The police begin to remove the barriers. Of #NuitDeboutistes are however still blocked the boulevard Magenta side. This is the case of Emma, ​​35. “It’s amazing what happens. On the one hand, police officers that occupy the land, the other repressed the people of the Republic Square. This is a coup, as during demonstrations, when I’m getting gassed. “Emma is coming to denounce police behavior,” the armed wing of capital “as its sign appoints

 Emma came to demonstrate against the police,  instead of R & # xe9; public & # xE0;  Paris, 18 May 2016.
Emma came to demonstrate against the police, Place de la Republique in Paris on 18 May 2016. – F.FLOUX / 20Minutes

‘J’ have the impression that I do not hear me “

A little later, Alexandre Langlois CGT-Police, kept his promise to go to meet citizens. Surrounded by people he meets their issues sometimes benevolent, sometimes aggressive. Ana, 30, did not return. “I am very moved. I was getting a bad idea from the police. I filmed the scene because I wanted to show that it is possible to initiate an exchange with the CGT-Police. But they are the only ones who came to discuss with the population. “

 Chantal regret not being able to go up to the R  & # xe9; public support for the police on 18  May 2016.
Chantal regret not being able to go to Republic Square to support the police on 18 May 2016. – T.LEMOINE / 20 MINUTES

Around the young woman against demonstrators getting impatient: “14h, you break! “They throw the police and the gendarmes still block access to the site. For its part, Chantal is disappointed. “I came to support the police but unfortunately I could not go closer. I hope the media will not say that there were not many. I feel that I do not hear me, I’m frustrated, “she laments.