Wednesday, November 30, 2016

168 mayors of Ile-de-France wind standing against the piétonnisation of the banks – The Parisian

Pas less than 168 mayors of Ile-de-France, mainly LR, have challenged the mayor PS of Paris Anne Hidalgo on Wednesday, on the closure of lanes on shore right bank. In an open letter, they say that they want to bring actions for annulment of that decision and would join the appeal filed by the region in front of the administrative court to challenge this measure.

in Paris, it is the unanimous vote of the mayors of the district of the right who have joined the signatories. “Around Valérie Pécresse, president of the region, it is more efficient to do a joint action. The elected citizens of paris are built-in at the last minute in this initiative, ” concedes Philip Gonjon, mayor of the Fifteenth. The nine mayors of the borough (I, Ve, sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Seventeenth) joined Patrick Balkany, Jean-François Copé, Christian Jacob, Yves Jego, Jean-Christophe Lagarde, Gérard Larcher, André Santini… who denounced a “unilateral decision” of the Paris city hall, which has ” dramatic effects on the worsening of the caps “.

Fight against pollution or defence of the economy

” It leads to the deterioration of the daily lives of tens of thousands of ile-de-france who want to exercise their professional activity, stipulates, in particular, Philippe Goujon, who takes the example of the plumber who must now reduce its interventions in the capital. “And all of this is to offer games of petanque, a scene-a springboard for young artists, and a refreshment stand in solidarity “, is not yet the elected in paris.

In their letter, the elected officials claim that the projects piétonnisation ” should be reconsidered in the consultation, transparency and with the sake of the cohesion of the territories “.

” Obviously, we take seriously all of the arrests that are being made. However, we question fully the content of this mail, especially when it makes mention of plugs much more important outside of Paris since the closure to cars of the banks of the Seine on the right bank “has pointed out this Wednesday, Bruno Julliard, first deputy Anne Hidalgo, reaffirming that” the determination of the mayor of Paris and the municipal team to fight against the pollution will be without flaws “. The debate is far from closed.


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