Saturday, November 26, 2016

The activists of the PCF choose to support Mélenchon to 2017 (against the decision of the executive board) – LeLab Europe1

the activists of The communist Party have chosen, Saturday 26 November, on the occasion of a vote in a very tight spread over three days, ofto support the candidature of Jean-Luc Mélenchon for the presidential 2017. A decision that goes against that of the executives of the party which, on 5 November, had chosen a fairly large majority of preferred the option of a candidature as a result of their ranks. But it is the voting base that is required and act in support of the ex-leader of the Left Front.

The candidate who wants to be the spokesman for “the France insubordinate” receives the support of the base of the PCF (50,000 members to date of contribution 120.000 in total), which voted in his favor to 53,6%. In some federations, the choice was made to some of the voices :


On Twitter, the national secretary of the PCF, Pierre Laurent, announced that the communists "have made the choice of a campaign stand-alone calling for a vote Jean-Luc Mélenchon". If we understand well, they will not participate, therefore, not to his campaign to speak of, while calling to vote for him, and with no candidate of the communist regime.


# In the previous episodes

The national secretary of the PCF, Pierre Laurent, was proposed at the beginning of November to his party that he supports Jean-Luc Mélenchon, which would have put an end to months of discussions more or less agitated between the two parties. He insisted particularly on his desire to "change the framework" of the program of the former leader of the Left Front.

But the national conference of the party decided otherwise. It is this authority, which is composed of members of the national Council, delegations elected by the county councils, and delegations elected by the communist groups in the national Assembly and the Senate, who had voted on 5 November. About 500 cadres of the PCF had decided to say no to this solution Mélenchon, wishing to see the emergence of a nomination communist to 2017.

The activists have decided to do otherwise and their decision is supposed to be imposed on the party.

The issue has raged since the unilateral decision of Jean-Luc Mélenchon to go directly to the presidential election, sweeping the idea of a "primary of the left," why was the PCF. The relations between the communist Party and the applicant had been very strained. This seems to put a final end to this feud... and that should help Mélenchon in his quest for the 500 signatures.


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