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Return to the Quai d’orsay, Boris Boillon is returned to justice – The World

Close to Nicolas Sarkozy, the diplomat, involved in affairs of libya, had been arrested gare du Nord, in Paris, in 2013, with 350 000 euros and 40, 000 dollars in cash.

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Boris Boillon, in Carthage, on February 17, 2011, while he was ambassador of France in Tunisia.

In the world policed embassies, Boris Boillon, was also the symbol of the sarkozysme uninhibited. A 46-year-old, he has just been reinstated at the ministry of foreign affairs in New York after four years of availability in the private sector. A decision that is not unanimous. Even more than Monday 21 November, the prosecutor of Paris decided to mention in front of the correctional court of Paris in order to be considered heads of a breach of the reporting obligations of capital transfers, forgery and use of forgery, money-laundering of tax fraud and abuse of well social. It is convened on 23 march.

This is the result of a preliminary investigation opened by the prosecutor’s office in Paris on 31 July 2013. On this day, the diplomat-off is stopped in the gare du Nord in Paris. It is devoid of any identity but full of a bag containing 350 000 euros and 40, 000 dollars in cash that it has not declared or the customs or the taxman. Mr. Boillon was bound for Uccle, a brussels commune known to be home to many escaped the tax, where he took up residence in.

in Front of the investigators, Boris Boillon explained they recovered this amount in the framework of a mission carried out in Iraq for the account of his company, Spartago, founded in November 2012, which presents itself as ” specialized in the sector of activity of the council for business and other management boards “. The company is established in the 8e arrondissement of Paris, place Henri-Bergson, in the name of the philosopher which he likes to quote the phrase : ” Act like a man of thought and think as a man of action. “ The former diplomat became a consultant said to have won this money in the context of a contract related to the construction of a sports complex in Nassiryya, in southern Iraq, including the stage of Thiqar has a capacity of 30 000 seats and a four-star hotel. If he preferred to be paid in cash, he says so, it is because of the fragility of the banking system in iraq.

Origin of the money, that is not identified

in order To justify his statements, the former ambassador has provided a number of documents. The contract of assistance and council of his company and a statement of delivery of the funds. These documents have not convinced the investigators of the national service of customs judiciaire (SNDJ), which has collected testimony indicating that Boris Boillon would have produced false to get out of the legal haranguing.

Despite sending numerous requests for mutual assistance in criminal matters international in Finland, Germany, Italy or the United States, the parquet de Paris is not able to identify the origin of the money. The question was, however, crucial. Given the role played by Mr Boillon in relations franco-libyan under the quinquennium of Nicolas Sarkozy, many are those who wondered if this money didn’t come from colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Arabist, Mr. Boillon has been several trips of the French delegation in Libya. And he loved to boast of his close relationship with the libyan dictator that he called ” dad “ as recalled by a witness heard by the French judges in the context of the investigation on a possible funding libyan campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007. That same year, Mr. Boillon, advisor for North Africa and the Middle East at the Elysée, had participated at the sides of Cecilia Sarkozy in the negotiation for the release of Bulgarian nurses in travelling to Tripoli on 12 and 22 July 2007. According to this same witness, who filed anonymously, Boris Boillon would have received, with Claude Guéant, 20 million euros in banknotes of 100 and 500 euros sent to Sirte at the paris air show, and intended for the campaign of Mr. Sarkozy. Charges, however, never been substantiated.

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as the ambassador of France in Tunis in 2011, Mr. Boillon has contributed, according to a note of the Directorate-general for external security, to exfiltration of Bechir Saleh, the former director of the cabinet of Gaddafi suspected of holding secrets of financial relations franco-libyan. The Libya plunges into the war and the patron of domestic intelligence, Bernard Squarcini, has asked his friend the middle-Alexandre Djouhri to carry out this delicate operation. Boris Boillon is in the telephone link with Mr. Saleh that he would have provided a car of the embassy of France to pick it up at the border between Tunisia and Libya. Then Bechir Saleh will be received by Boris Boillon, in Tunis on November 15, 2011. It will be discreetly housed in the residence of the embassy of France before to join them for two nights at a five-star hotel set by Mr. Djouhri that the exfiltrera private jet to Paris. According to several testimonies collected by the French judges, Boris Boillon, was a lso linked with Franck Houndete, a business man in benin qualified by the French ” luggage rack “ of Bechir Saleh.

frank even arroguant

The name of Mr Boillon also appears in the preliminary investigation currently in progress to the public prosecutor financial and to determine if malpractice has surrounded the overhaul of the hospital of Benghazi by French companies in 2008. According to several witnesses, it is Mr. Boillon, which would have been imposed on the choice of providers. What are the rewards ?

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now based in New York, he was reinstated at the ministry of foreign affairs. What has been some gnashing of teeth, given his legal problems. After four years, he was assigned to the permanent mission of France to the united Nations where it serves, among other things, the operating budget.

In Iraq, where he was ambassador from 2009 to 2011, he had supported the american intervention. Appointed to Tunis in the fall of the regime of the dictator Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, the young diplomat did not hesitate to display his sculpted body on the web, wearing only a bathing suit, or to pose as James Bond in the local press. His frank, even arrogant, badly received in the diplomatic community, was shocked a part of the public opinion in tunisia. When he had received for the first time, tunisian journalists, who had questioned the role of France during the revolution, Boris Boillon was blown away by pointing to ” stuff at the con “, ” questions morons “, before abruptly ending the interview filmed and broadcast on social networks. An attitude that had driven hundreds of Tunisians disgruntled to gather in front of the French embassy, three days later, chanting ” Boillon releases “. Contacted by The World, Mr. Boillon did not respond to our maintenance requests.

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