Monday, November 21, 2016

Full employment, Europe, secularism… the program of Alain Juppé – The World

The ex-favorite became the underdog wants to include “back to full employment” with several measures, such as the repeal of the 35 hours.

Alain Juppe, candidate for the primary, right, speaks to his supporters and the press after the first round in the 15th arrondissement in Paris, Sunday, 20 November 2016.

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  • steps to ” reconnect with the full-employment “

Alain Juppe has promised Sunday ” credible reforms “ to ” back to full employment “. It intends to do this ” out of the 35 hours “ and set to 39 hours, the legal duration of weekly working time, while leaving the possibility to the companies to determine this duration, between 35 and 39 hours, by negotiation. This lengthening of the duration of work must relate to the public service, but Alain Juppé does not give a limit time. At the same time, the former prime minister intends to remove between 200 000 and 250 000 employees – less than half of what its competitor, François Fillon.

The mayor of Bordeaux also intends to give more flexibility to the contract of employment, which include patterns of predetermined rupture of a commission, which would be determined by the law.

in order To boost employment and ” to encourage companies to hire “, Mr. Juppé also wants to ” decrease the cost of low-skilled labour “ by removing all of the employer contributions for the jobs paid at the smic. Such a measure will, according to him, the creation of 200 000 jobs. Mr. Juppé also proposes a degression of unemployment benefits, but with a floor of 870 euros monthly.

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  • reforms societal softness

Alain Juppe is less conservative on social issues than François Fillon. The mayor of Bordeaux wants to, for example, to keep the law on marriage for all, including the section relating to adoption by same-sex couples – a passage that his competitor wants to rewrite it.

The applicant is proposing a tax relief on the income in the direction of the families of 2 billion euros, and raising the ceiling of the family quotient of 1 500 to 2 000 euros.

Alain Juppé is opposed to a new law on the wearing of religious signs, and therefore a text which would ban the burkini. the ” There must be a comprehensive agreement between the muslims of France and the Republic to set the rules of the game. It is this approach that will be effective “, he told the World in September, defending the creation of a ” code of secularism “. The latter would involve ” the major laws relating to secularism and the reminder of the great principles, such as equality between men and women “.

On education, Alain Juppé wants to fight early school leaving, including through regular assessments as early as kindergarten and a reduction in the number of students per class in kindergarten and preparatory course (CP). He also wants better pay for teachers and improve their initial training. Mr Juppé is opposed to the removal of the college unique and the selection at the entrance of the university, preferring to put the emphasis on the guidance of students during their schooling.

  • For a consolidation of Europe

Alain Juppe does not share the positions prorusses of François Fillon. Although in favour of dialogue with Moscow, he chided Russia for its bombardments on Aleppo, Syria, and its alliance with the regime of Bashar Al-Assad. He opposed a military intervention on the ground in Syria, preferring to fight against the organization islamic State within the coalition.

The candidate is campaigning for an ” Europe of defence “ and for the end of the expansion. He also believed that in a ” Europe under threat of dislocation, “, as he said during the third debate, the country must move forward united, for ” not to become the vassals of the great powers around us “. It offers so ” to consolidate the euro zone in harmonizing tax systems “.


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