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A compact “secret” Fillon – Sarkozy ? The juppéistes saw complotistes – Obs

The men of Alain Juppé still have “questions to ask”. As if they lost their composure in the face of a French prime minister François Fillon, who wants to, and that could “break the bank”. “Was there an agreement between the two men [Fillon and Sarkozy] ? A model agreement Putin-Medvedev ?”, actually mine is to question a relative of the mayor of Bordeaux in “the World”. Reasoning a nothing complotiste.

Replica immediate within the team of François Fillon to “Obs” : “There was no other option”. Include : Alain Juppe, who arrived far behind the former Prime minister of Nicolas Sarkozy in the first round, is back to the wall. He never hesitates, therefore, not to use all available cartridges. Leaves to accentuate the divide in his own family policy.

November 20, 2016 : and suddenly, Sarkozy has understood…

“This is completely grotesque”

one of his angles of attack is precisely the relationship between Nicolas Sarkozy and François Fillon. The candidate Juppé has been used from the day after the first round, on France 2 : “What we see today, it is the reconstitution of the team Fillon-Sarkozy we headed from 2007 to 2012. When we remain for five years Prime minister of a president of the Republic, is that it is totally accounting of what has been done.”

A way for the mayor of Bordeaux mobilize on the anti-fillonisme, in the continuity of the anti-sarkozysme, the fringe “modern” to the right, the electorate as a centrist, and voters of the left who might be frightened by the program of François Fillon.

“This is completely grotesque!” exclaims Thierry Mariani, close to François Fillon. “The current climate of the campaign has already been hardened by the futile controversy on the position of French prime minister François Fillon on abortion. Today, Alain Juppe loses clearly her calm.” The deputy of the French from abroad drives the point home :

“Honestly, can you see Nicolas Sarkozy to become the number two who will it be ? Impossible.”

Even the sound of a bell among the faithful sarkozystes, still bruised by the defeat of their champion. “I have no reaction to you give it,” argued the very loyal but now an orphan Isabelle Balkany. “This between-the two towers is kind of lame. I am still terribly sad because of the defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy. I do not want to participate in this street fight that night, terribly the image of our party.”

the revenge of The “contributor”

so far, what credit to grant this theory of a “secret pact” ? Practically none, as the relationship between François Fillon and Nicolas Sarkozy has not ceased to deteriorate until the rupture, from 2007 to today. The “contributor” had reserved his best pique at his ex-president : “Which imagines general de Gaulle put in consideration ?” François Fillon has taken its revenge on Nicolas Sarkozy. After the first round, the first has even softened its stance about the latter : “We were different, we are different but we have built up two tandems among the most efficient of the Fifth Republic”. The former head of State, who despises him, has even said that he was going to vote, “in a personal capacity”, to its ex-Prime minister.

trolls Putin have they given a boost to Fillon ?

The offensive to the utmost of juppéistes annoys however. “We need to stop giving arguments to the left and the national Front for the presidential election”, is nervous Thierry Mariani. And warn : “In five days, do not forget to gather around François Fillon. The real objective : it is the presidential election.” With Alain Juppé, not sure it is calm before the next decisive appointment : the debate between the two rounds Thursday night.

Paul Laubacher


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