Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Paris – backers of Juppé temper his offensive against Fillon – The Express

The risk of fracturing the right, it is the stand taken by successive members of the extreme right, former members of the FN, for the nomination of François Fillon“, said Wednesday on RTL the mayor of Bordeaux, after a meeting very offensive to Toulouse.

Me, insisted Mr Juppé, I have always struggled with the greatest energy against the FN. This will be an issue of the battle of 2017, of course, is to dam the FN (…). I am quite clear on this point“.

Asked about the identity of these supports and to which he referred, Mr. Juppé has listed Jacques Bompard, mayor League of South Orange and former member of the FN, Carl Lang, former mep FN and Party boss of France, “Retort Secular“, a movement of islamophobic far-right. “I leave you the choice, you will see over the days.

Mr. Lang has indicated to the AFP on Tuesday night that he would not vote Sunday. Mr. Bompard was tweeted on Tuesday: “theSunday I will vote Fillon“. Riposte laïque, has launched an appeal against the mayor of Bordeaux on Tuesday: “To counteract the vote muslim vote Fillon in mass!“. Aymeric Chauprade, former mep FN, has also given his support to Mr Fillon.

- Call to “mutual respect” –

On Europe 1, Mr Fillon responded by putting Mr. Juppe in the “little microcosm, always the same“, “thinks he has the truth on all subjects and is believed to speak in the name of the French people“. “I do not think that 44% of voters who have voted for me” Sunday night “will recognize in this caricature“.

Yes, I have the values. I do not apologize for having values: I believe in the family, at work, on the authority of the State“, insisted Mr. Fillon, who has judged to be “unspeakable” the controversy launched by Mr Juppe on his positions on ABORTION.

on Wednesday morning, the mayor of Bordeaux, however, has said that the discussion on the positions of Mr Fillon on abortion was “enclosed“.

backers of Mr. Juppé adopted a tone more measured in respect of his rival on Wednesday morning. “there is a desire of Alain Juppé to show its differences with François Fillon. The tone is a little fitted yesterday, a little too much from my point of view“, said on France 2 mp Benoist Appeared.

Nor the values, nor on the economic front, the program of François Fillon is not a dangerous program“, said the deputy of the Marne.

I do not recognize myself in the political tension of the campaign for the second round“, has also said Hervé Mariton. “No, Alain Juppé is not a man of the left. No, François Fillon is not a man of the extreme right” insists the deputy of the Drôme region, “solemnly call upon mutual respect for the campaign of second-round“.


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