Monday, November 28, 2016

“There will be no primary between the president and the prime minister,” says Stéphane Le Foll – The World

the spokesman of The government suggested Monday that Manuel Valls is expected to give his resignation to run in the primary of the left. The day before, the prime minister has taken a step towards a nomination.

Stéphane Le Foll and Manuel Valls leave the Elysee palace, in Paris on August 22.

Then that François Hollande must decide in the coming days on a possible candidacy for the primary of the left, the government spokesman, Stéphane Le Foll, has under-heard Monday, November 28, on Europe 1 that Manuel Valls is expected to give his resignation if he wished to participate in the election.

” there will be no primary between the president of the Republic and the prime minister. (…) It does not exist, it cannot be imagined except in minds which have little tendency to confuse their personal resentment with the general interest. “

The head of the government has ” quite an opportunity “ be a candidate, ” but at this moment, he is no longer prime minister “, added Mr Le Foll. Sunday, Mr. Valls has taken a step towards a candidacy for the primary, stating in The Sunday Newspaper that he will ” [its] decision in conscience “.

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To Cambadélis ” nothing irreparable has been said “

when Interviewed by France 2 on Monday morning, the first secretary of the socialist Party (PS), Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, has preferred to minimize the tensions between François Hollande and Manuel Valls, considering that ” nothing irreparable has been said “ :

” It is just in the discussion between the president and the prime minister to know what things will lead. And they do will lead to only one application [to the primary of the left], there will be no crisis in the executive. “

” It is not abnormal for the socialists, and the president of the Republic as the prime minister, have questions about the best equation to be able to win the presidential election “, added Mr. Cambadélis. the ” But it cannot be at the cost of a crisis in the executive. Discussion yes, crisis-no “, he warned, asking what’s’” stop “ the ” remorseless fragmentation “ left.

Asked about a possible resignation of Mr Valls, in order to be able to compete in the primary, Mr. Cambadélis said : ” For the moment, no one is a candidate. “

Even the sound of a bell on the side of Jean-Marie Le Guen, secretary of State for relations with Parliament, for which ” there is no crisis “ within the executive, but ” a discussion “.

” from the moment we opened the idea of primary, it is not aberrant that there is a discussion which is conducted with all the opportunities that we are open “, has added close to Manuel Valls.

The left ” close to suicide “

Olivier Faure, one of the spokesperson of the PS proved more alarmist Monday morning on LCP, considering that the left was close to a ” collective suicide “ :

” We are in a situation rather unusual, which is close to what could be dubbed a collective suicide. [...] If we are going to do this, there will be no left in the second round and the left will be eliminated for a long time. “

François Hollande and Manuel Valls are both involved in the primary from the left, ” it seems to me quite impossible, it would lead to the one and the other to failure. May-be-t-he impulse of suicide sometimes for some of our leaders “, he said.

As to the statement of Claude Bartolone suggesting these two nominations, for Oliver Faure, ” it has never been seen. See the 4e character of the State propose a constitutional crisis, but where will we be ? “.

referring to an application Holland, the mp considered that” in a democracy, it is not illogical that the one that led to the first plan, the reform of the country accounting of what he has done and that he is the candidate for the presidential election “.

An application of Holland out of the primary, ” unimaginable “

The former minister of Culture PS Aurélie Filippetti, who supported the candidacy of Arnaud Montebourg, has she tried on France Inter that a nomination of François Hollande for the 2017 off primary would be ” absolutely unimaginable, ” and ” intolerable, “.

” there is a process that has been decided collectively. Person, he was the president of the Republic, may not abstain. “

to the left, it is necessary ” it starts really in the organization and the primary campaign, which is unfortunately not quite the case “, she said.

she afraid that she didn’t place ? the ” I rather fear that this may be a primary at a discount, because I have the impression that today, in any case at Solferino, the leaders of the socialist, to the Elysee, they have done everything for that, in a way, it stifles the primary “.

Asked about the tensions between François Hollande and Manuel Valls in the perspective of the presidential election, the mp has felt that it must be ” that each tell very quickly what he wants to do “.


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