Monday, November 28, 2016

Amiens : they remain stuck for three hours in the big wheel – Europe1

Everything is party of a “small jolt”. The wheel is started again, before definitely stop turning. On Sunday, 46 people wanted to enjoy their walk in the Christmas market of Amiens for a ride in the ferris wheel. They have remained stuck for three hours.

An evacuation by helicopter is considered. The Courrier picard reports that one of the motors of the mechanism would be jammed. The manager would have attempted to revive the machine turning on at the same time the security system and making any maneuver impossible.


At the end of 40 minutes far from the ground, some passengers to prevent the rescue. The platforms located more close to the ground are first evacuated, but blocked much more high-remain impossible to access. In a first time, firefighters are considering an evacuation by helicopter... before the owner of the carousel reaches finally to redo to get off the platforms.

the last of The passengers have finally found firm ground around 20H and the ferris wheel started its rounds, without a hitch.


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