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Death of David Hamilton : “It should not transform the executioner into a victim” – The Obs

David Hamilton, has committed suicide. When the news came, Flavie Flament (Cap d’agde, 1987) immediately blasted the “cowardice of the photographer” who “we again condemns the silence and the inability to see” convicted”. And the other ? The three women who testified in “Obs” ? In all, the revelations of the facilitator had raised hopes of finally being heard. And here… Lucy (Cap d’agde, 1987) said he was unable to speak. “I do not for me to express what I feel,” she said. Constance (Saint-Tropez, 1967) has felt a “sense of guilt, replaced very quickly by a feeling of mess : say, we can’t stop here?” request.

“The gesture is dramatic, but his acts remain scandalous !” are angry Alice (Cap d’agde, 1985). “I’ve done that return it to him the mirror of what it is, I have nothing to reproach me. The more it goes, the more I feel, on the contrary, the anger mounting : in the us, preventing us to turn to him, he managed to we stifle !”

David Hamilton, the hunter of young girls

“I am disappointed that justice was not rendered”

there is one other, very angry. Elodie. We had not mentioned yet in the “Obs”. It is a fourth witness, exclusive. The Terrace is 27 years old, and the assaults that she tells, similar to those experienced by other women, are the most recent : they date back to 2004. The girl, naturally blonde and fine, was 15 years old, and the photographer… 71 years. Elodie has filed a complaint of rape, in 2008. Eleven years after the complaint of Alice And, not more than Alice, she was heard : she has been sentenced to a non-place.

Since the book of Flavie Flament, she hoped to revive his complaint, as we confirmed by her lawyer, Me Taylor Salusse :

“Elodie was considering the reopening of the information for charges new. But the suicide of David Hamilton off the public action. The greatest suffering of the victims is to see their executioner to do a lot of the truth.”

Elodie had so hoped that “This page is turning, finally, to begin to build a real life with her lover. Out of these blockages and fears that prevent you moving forward, even today. The gesture from the photographer leaves “shared. I am relieved that he no longer can attack anyone, disappointed that the justice is not rendered, and also concerned : it would, not because he committed suicide, that the roles are reversed, that our tormentor is transformed into a victim !”

“If I jump through the window… ?”

Elodie has thought of suicide, she also in the past. In the paris apartment of David Hamilton. “I said to myself : if I jump by the window in panties, maybe they will see what I saw ?”. Alice also admits to having thought about it a long time… “If today we can lament that a man has put an end to his life to escape his responsibilities, let us not forget that in the majority of cases, these are victims who take their own lives because they are not heard in the anonymity of the total, reminiscent of Flavie Flament.

Flavie Flament confirmed : the man she accuses of rape is well David Hamilton

Elodie has wanted to for this article one uses his real name. And decided to pose for us, with open face, in front of the house of Ramatuelle of the photographer. Where, she says, it all began. “I’m not ashamed, I don’t have to hide my face.” Determined to free the word. They are, therefore, four women now, in solidarity around Flavie Flament, who says that “the struggle continues.”

Emmanuelle Anizon


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