Sunday, November 20, 2016

Primary from the right, live : duel Fillon – Juppé, Sarkozy eliminated – The World

The results after counting of 3.97 million votes

Here are the findings, on 9 511 offices stripped (about 10 229 offices in total), published by the high authority of the primary Monday at 6: 15.

  • French prime minister François Fillon at 44.1 %
  • Alain Juppé to 28.6 %
  • Nicolas Sarkozy of 20.6 %
  • Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet of 2.6 %
  • Bruno Le Maire, the 2.4 %
  • Jean-Frederic Fish of 1.5%
  • Jean-François Copé 0,3 %

What are the springs of the vote in Fillon ?

Crystallisation of a late posture with a presidential boomerang effect of the campaign Sarkozy : the key which explain this poll surprise are multiple. Nicolas Chapuis the decrypts :

What project is the big winner of this first round ?

With the success of François Fillon in the first round of the primary of the right wing, the supporters of the right and center have embraced a program of liberal economically and conservative on social issues. Candidate since 2013, the former prime minister has long worked on its proposals. Revealing as his ideas, he gave the tone. It was also commended multiple times to influence his rivals.

Three major lines :

  • A “free-market shock” in the economy
  • A vision “family” of the company
  • the international politics of pro-Russian

Find all the details of the program in our analysis :

Who is in the lead in your department ?

French prime minister François Fillon prevails in a very great part of the departments, while Alain Juppe arrives at the head in the region around Bordeaux. Nicolas Sarkozy is the first in Corsica, Mayotte and Réunion. The details in the map produced by The Decoder :

Our reporter Matthew Goar tells the story of the “political earthquake” lived at the HQ of Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy dreamed of a return by the front door. Supported by the people of the right, he would have his revenge. Unable to let go of a past that is very present during this campaign, he came out in the first round of the primary, Sunday, November 20. As in 2012, he took his defeat without any ambiguity.

Surrounded by activists and elected officials, the former president of the Republic said :

I am not able to convince a majority of voters, I respect their desire to choose other politicians than me

Let’s start with the main lessons to be learned from this long election night for the first round :

  • The participation in the voting has been very strong. It was 3 973 176 voting at 6: 15 pm. participation in the final is expected to exceed 4 million voters. The primary has strongly mobilised, more than expected, falling in the upper range of the projections of the polls.
  • In the small candidates, only Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet has managed to surpass the 2.5 % of the vote, with 2.6% and the fourth place, ahead of Bruno Le Maire, to 2.4%. NKM has announced that it supported Juppé, Bruno Le Maire, Fillon. Jean-Frédéric Poisson and Jean-François Copé will vote later.

Hello and welcome to the early birds in this live dedicated to the results of the first round of the primary from the right !


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