Friday, November 25, 2016

The military sought after the murder of a woman in a retirement home has been arrested

The gendarmes are crisscrossing the region to find the murderer./ Photo AFP

The gendarmes are crisscrossing the region to find the murderer./ Photo AFP


The military is suspected of having killed the sewing of a retirement home for religious seniors to Montferrier-sur-Lez, Thursday night, has been arrested near the residence where he lived.

This man, 47-year-old, who served in the army, was actively being sought after the murder of a woman committed last night in a retirement home in Montferrier-sur-Lez (Hérault), near Montpellier. “We are focusing on a local track, of someone who was in the entourage of this house,” said this morning during a press conference, the prosecutor of Montpellier Christophe Barret, excluding, a priori, a terrorist act. “There is no element that can link the facts to the islamist terrorism”, he said. According to our colleagues at Midi Libre, the police have arrested the companion of the suspect to his home in Saint-Mathieu-de-Tréviers in the Hérault, and took her so that she can be heard as a witness.

Shortly after the incident, a vehicle was spotted by the security forces deployed around the hotel hosting missionaries. Inside was a weapon dummy type Airsoft shooting plastic ball and “other elements that have allowed us to identify a suspect” in which the accurate motives remain unknown,” said Christophe Barret.

source close to the investigation, jointly entrusted to the gendarmerie and the PJ and open to assassination and assassination attempt, these elements are in particular patent military who have helped to identify a man of 47 years old living in a dozen of kilometers. This father of two children has served in the paratroopers, but it is not a military career, has there yet specified a source close to the folder: without a job, he lived out of small jobs, including repairing bicycles.

About 130 gendarmes and police officers participated in the hunt for the fugitives on Friday morning. In the vicinity of the retirement home “The Oaks”, several dams were still in place and the vehicles circulating in the area searched.

Alerted on Thursday evening to 21: 45, the police collect a woman, “which explains to them that she was assaulted by a man who was tied up and left there”, said Christophe Barret. It is she, after having been able to get rid of its links, which gave the alarm. In the lingerie, then they make a recognition of the establishment, the police discover the body of a “seamstress (…) likely to be killed by several blows of a knife”, he continued. In contrast, none of the 59 residents present in the facility at the time of the facts was not injured or touched, he stressed. Sources close to the investigation, it is hooded, and armed with a knife and a gun – without that it could be clarified if it were a weapon, real or fake – that the murderer broke into the retirement home.

The 59 religious patients of this establishment, all free, very aged and for certain disabled, “have been awakened by the intervention of the gendarmes,” said the archbishop of Montpellier, Pierre-Marie Carré. “Everyone is in shock of what happened that night, the health care aide was known and appreciated by all”, he added. He insisted on the fact that the religious “do not feel attacked as catholic priests, they are shocked by this killing”. A care assistant from the nursing home who was on the scene Thursday morning was in tears at the barrage of gendarmes. Asked about possible threats that could aim at the retirement home, she has insured that he had no knowledge.

the companion of the victim arrived on scene around 1 hour in the morning, very worried after hearing the information about the drama and not being able to attach it to the phone. “It is a party at 8 o’clock in the evening, then it will not return at 6: 30 in the morning It was a kindness, how they can hurt him like that? She is dead and I am destroyed, it’s terrible,” said the aged man in the grip of emotion to the press. “We had already talked about it, I said anyone can go here and this is the case. There was nothing protected, there was no alarm, there was no warden, there’s nothing.”, he said.

As of yesterday evening, a large device has been deployed on a large perimeter around the retirement home, which is located in a park and backs onto a forest, on the edge of Montferrier-sur-Lez, in an adjacent commune of Montpellier in france. Around midnight, a dozen vehicles of police and gendarmerie, and about a dozen fire department vehicles were stationed a few hundred metres of the long-term care facilities, and controlled all the vehicles oncoming. Police officers from Raid, the elite unit of the national police, arrived on the scene. The research section of the gendarmerie of Montpellier and the SRPJ have been seized in the investigation.

A retirement home for priests who worked in Africa

The property referred to, “The Oaks”, is a retirement home for priests who have worked in Africa, said the episcopal delegate to the information of the diocese of Montpellier, Wayne Bodkin. Sixty missionaries of Africa as well as six or seven lay people and six or seven nuns are welcomed, according to the mayor of Montferrier-sur-Lez Michel Fraysse. To 1 hour, the monks in residence were out of danger. The PSIG of the force of Lunel and the antenna of the GIGN Orange have searched the whole places and stopped finally their research on-site, thus confirming that the suspect would be able to take flight. “The forces of order, the fire brigade and the Ambulance service were present in numbers in the vicinity of the retirement home,” added Michel Fraysse, himself is present in the surroundings of this retirement home is located in a place called Baillarguet, outside the village of Montferrier.


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