Sunday, November 27, 2016

The CGT announced mobilizations if the right wins, Le Figaro

The number one of the CGT Philippe Martinez, warned on Sunday that “the mobilization will be news” if the agenda of the right on social issues was to be applied, ensuring that he was “challenged by the French”.

“The French are against the strong themes of the programme, Mr Fillon and Mr Juppé, so the engagement will be of news to be clear,” said Mr. Martinez on France Inter.

The secretary-general of the CGT has, in particular, cited a survey published in the journal Liberation indicating that 64% of French were against the decline of the age of retirement to 65 years.

“people today express themselves more to a rejection of what exists only for a perspective”, which “does not mean a membership in the program”, says Mr. Martinez.

Asked about the programs of the left and the right, he said “on economic and social issues”, it is “pretty much the same thing.”

when asked about the fact that it could “be trouble for the SGC” in case of return the right to power, Mr. Martinez answered: “it’ll mostly be trouble for the employees and it is that which concerns us”.


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