Thursday, November 24, 2016

Attack foiled : the police custody of the five suspects extended in an exceptional way – The World

a duration of more than ninety-six hours, that the imprisonment of five suspects arrested in Strasbourg and Marseille responds to the threat of an imminent bombing.

In the framework of the investigation of a bombing jihadist foiled, the police custody of the five suspects have been extended in the night of Wednesday 23 to Thursday 24 November beyond ninety-six hours, in an exceptional manner, reported to the Agence France-Presse (AFP), a justice source.

such An extension, that could carry the rangers to a total of one hundred and forty-four hours, or six days, is only possible when the investigations are concerned with the threat of imminent bombing or for the necessities of international cooperation. The arrests in the night from Saturday to Sunday, in Strasbourg and Marseille, have enabled the ” to defeat a terrorist action planned long-date “ in France, said the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve.

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On November 14, the Directorate general of internal security (ISB) had been alerted by a information on a passage to the act is imminent.

The investigation, which had begun in February, had led to a first series of stops on the 14th of June. Two French, network-related, had been indicted and arrested, suspected of having contracted consumer loans to finance terrorist activities. According to the investigation, they were in contact with a customer in Syria, where the organization of the jihadist islamic State (EI) has sponsored several terrorist attacks in France.

potential targets established

in police custody, one of the four suspects arrested in Strasbourg this weekend has recognized the existence of a project of attack. He mentioned a number of targets as the 36, quai des Orfèvres, the headquarters of the judicial police in paris, on the île de la Cité, which was already in the investigations, or the ISB. But investigators believe that the suspects, in which it is at this stage not established that they have done reconnaissance, ” had not yet defined project and refined “, said a police source.

from the investigations on the phones and computers seized from suspects, other potential targets have been established, such as places of worship or an amusement park.

The suspects arrested in Strasbourg, aged 35 to 37 years, are of French nationality, and unknown to the intelligence services. Two of them are suspected to have earned Syria via Cyprus, in 2015, before returning to Europe.

encrypted messages have been exhumed between a member of the EI in Syria and some members of the network. Two handguns, an automatic pistol, a submachine gun, as well as of the propaganda of jihadist were found during the searches.


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