Flavie Flament on TF1 in 2006. – Jean-Marc SUREAU/TF1/SIPA

” The horror of this ad does will ever erase that from our white nights “, said Flavie Flament after the death of the photographer David Hamilton, whom she accuses of raping her when she was 13 years old. The facilitator, said it was “devastated” by the news, reiterating his charges and, like those other girls that are ” forward with courage and emotion in recent weeks.”

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The photographer of 83-year-old, who was found dead Friday night at his paris home, had in recent days proclaimed his innocence and announced his intention to sue for defamation. “It is to them that I think. Was this injustice that we were fighting together. By his cowardice, he again condemns the silence and the inability to see him convicted, ” says Flavie Flamant.

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” A feeling of immense revolt “

The editor of the facilitator, Karina Hocine, had previously stated that Flavie Flament was ” devastated, of course “. “We were told that it was a suicide. Of course, we are divided between the horror of the situation as a human and at the same time, there is a feeling of immense revolt because it has not left the time to the justice to do its work, ” added Karina Hocine, editor with Lattès the book of Flavie Flament solace.

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The moderator said in this book have been violated, there are close to 30 years, by a known photographer, which it unveiled not the name. After the publication of his book, other women have testified in the press, under a pseudonym, and claimed to have suffered the same fate during their teenage years.

The photographer wanted to file a complaint for defamation

a week ago, in Obs, the moderator of the RTL has finished by accusing named David Hamilton as his alleged abuser. “The man who raped me when I was 13 years old is David Hamilton “, she said in a filmed interview.

The british photographer had announced on Tuesday his intention to file complaint for defamation after accusations of rape brought against him. “Today, I am not the subject of any prosecution. We are beyond my presumption of innocence. I am innocent and should be treated as such “, he said.

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