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Haute-Corse in red alert rain-floods : the point on the situation – Franceinfo

A front return storm storm focused Thursday evening on the Island of Beauty, where the department of Haute-Corse has been placed in red alert by Météo France. But early in the night, the bulk of the activity return storm-stormy circulating in the sea off the coast of the East of Corsica. The alert is maintained for up to 3 hours during the night.

former bridges have been swept away on Thursday by torrential rains, and many roads were cut to traffic, the prefecture recommending not to drive before Friday morning. The link air were also disrupted, and the railway traffic very difficult.

the last 12 hours, he fell out of the order of 50 to 150 mm on a part of the Upper Corsica, occasionally 150 to 250 mm according to a thin strip oriented North-South, between Quercitello and Lugo Di Nazza. In the course of the last 18 hours, the 400 mm are likely to have been reached locally along this axis.

All of the schools in Haute-Corse will be closed Friday, as in several communes of Corse-du-Sud : Aullene, Bonifacio, corsica, Conca, Figari, Fozzano, Lecci, Levie, Monaccia of Aullene, Olmeto, Pianotolli Caldarello, Porto-Vecchio, Propriano, San Gavino di Carbini, Sari-Solenzara, Sartene, Serra di Scopamene, Sotta, Sainte-Lucie de Tallano, Viggianello, Quenza and Zonza.
The Prefecture is calling for the confinement, asking the entire population to avoid travel on foot or by car.

A toll-free number has been put in place for interventions in Haute-Corse : 0811 00 21 20.


rain often moderate (5 to 15 mm/h), but not stormy were still a good part of the island Thursday evening.

Until about the middle of the night, rainy and sometimes stormy, moderate to briefly heavy will continue to affect the island, but more particularly its eastern facade. Over time, most of the rain will tend to go up to the North, and will eventually evacuate the island of Corsica. Cumulative additional 40 to 80 mm, occasionally a few more are expected.

This bad weather is accompanied by a brief but brutal blow of wind from the east/southeast, with gusts reaching or exceeding 100 km/h on the facade east of the island (in particular region bastiaise) ; these winds will be stronger on the terrain even modest, and the Cap Corse (gusts 120/130 km/h) and could locally to surge in the western valleys (side Corse-du-Sud in particular), and the north of the Balagne.

These strong winds to the coast, high waves and swell from the south-is scheduled for this night will slow the flow of water towards the sea and can even generate flooding local.

the interventions of The rescue

The Prefecture of Corse-du-Sud decided to evacuate for the night area in the bed expansion of the river Rizzanese, the evacuation must be effective before the end of the afternoon.

This Thursday, the fire department has conducted approximately 175 interventions in Haute-Corse. A hundred people were placed in safety in Borgo, Lucciana, Biguglia, and the Giant Casino Furiani.

The fire department has conducted 10 rescues of people at the end of the morning. If no victim is to be deplored, a woman was rescued by firefighters after his car was swept away by the flood of the river Bevincu, Biguglia, twenty kilometres south of Bastia.

firefighters are also involved in landslides and floods in Haute-Corse. Two vehicles were washed away in Patrimonio and in the Bevinco but the firemen managed to rescue their occupants.

In all, the department, 150 firefighters were mobilized, 30 police officers and 90 police constables.

The Prefecture has asked the mayors to organize for open municipal premises in order to accommodate potential castaways of the road.

The fire department of Haute-Corse commented on the flooding in businesses or housing estates such as the Borgo, Lucciana, Biguglia (Ficabruna) and in the grand Bastia.

on The side of Bastia, about 80 vehicles have been abandoned at the rond-point of the Ceppe and thirty at the level of the Super U. The security forces are going to evacuate so that they do not derive.

In Corse-du-Sud, firefighters have not had interventions related to the weather. Two divers of the Sdis 2A are parties in support of their colleagues.

Road blocks

The traffic has been restored on the main lines of Corsica. The secondary axes are always blocked. More information on the websites of the department of Haute-Corse or 0811 00 21 20.

Trains, planes, ferries

The movement of trains is interrupted across the network.

The flights to Marseille, Nice and Paris-Orly airports, as well as those from Marseille and Nice were cancelled.

The Méridionale and Corsica Ferries offers travellers to postpone free of charge, their scheduled trips this day.


The episode climate that has seen the Corse since last night has resulted in, at the height of events, the interruption of the supply of electricity to 6700 customers of EDF.

18h, 6 lines Average Voltage of 20,000 volts, was still broken ; they feed 3850 clients, mainly in the Cap Corse. Our teams are active to continue the repairs.

The area most affected is the Cape Corse, where the access road makes interventions difficult. The current operations could afford to re-power a part of the Cape town (west coast mainly) in the early evening.

The districts concerned are : Baretalli, Brando, Canary, Centuri, Ersa, Farinole, Luri, Meria, Morsiglia, Nonza, Ogliastro, Olcani, Olmeto di Capocorso, Patrimonio, Pietracorbara, Pino, Rogliano and Tomino ; 3700 customers are affected.

On the Boziu, 5 media Mean line Tension have been swept away by the waters. Repairs to be undertaken are important and will be long.

The generating sets are on the way, to allow to restore supply to customers in the expectation of the completion of repairs
on the lines. They are transported from Ajaccio, the roads of Corsica does not allow to be used. The communes concerned are Erone, Lano, Rusio, San Lorenzo.

© André Célia Cristophari Grassi

© André Célia Cristophari Grassi

Socobo to Furiani

Socobo to Furiani

Rond-Point de Furiani © Virginia Silvestrini Mauduit

© Virginia Silvestrini Mauduit Roundabout of Furiani


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