Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Primary : Bayrou denounces the brutality of the project Fillon – Release

François Bayrou tries to weigh in on the second round of the primary to the right, in warning against the “brutal” of the program of François Fillon, and does not exclude the possibility of defending his own project, in case of defeat of Alain Juppé on Sunday.

“What strikes me is the brutality of the program of François Fillon. And I do not believe that France has need of brutality”, he said on Tuesday to AFP. Rid of Nicolas Sarkozy, his opponent designated, eliminated in the first round, the president of the MoDem target is now the big favorite for the primary, which was attended by 44.1 per cent of the vote.

François Bayrou, who had warned as early as the summer that he would stand for the presidential election in case of victory of Nicolas Sarkozy, has not clarified its intentions if François Fillon was elected to represent the right and centre in 2017. But the delicate situation of Alain Juppé, who arrived more than 15 points behind Sunday with 28.6% of the vote, forced it to position. the “I intend to bring to fruition a project more energizing for the country, more just and more social than the one that is proposed today”, he entrusted to the Figaro, leaving the door open to a new bid for the Elysée.

Response nettled by Gérard Larcher (LR), support of François Fillon to the primary : “If François Bayrou believes that he should be a candidate, well he will.” the president of The MoDem “said he was not in favor of the primary from the start, therefore it is in the logic of what he had said. And look at all this with tranquillity,”, said the president of the Senate.

Fillon after Sarkozy

In the entourage of Francois Bayrou, one wants to be convinced that the debate between the two rounds of the primary, Thursday, may yet tip the balance of forces in favour of Alain Juppé, while considering the after-November 27.

Sunday, the mayor of Pau has seen the voters of the centre, close to the MoDem and the UDI, to actively participate in the election. According to a survey Elabe, they made up 14% of the voters of the 1st round. And according to Harris Interactive, the centrists have provided 23% of the electorate of Alain Juppé and only 6% of that of François Fillon. Before the 1st round, François Bayrou has been the target of Nicolas Sarkozy, who accused him of having voted for François Hollande in the second round in 2012. Alain Juppé has said repeatedly that he had promised nothing to the president of the MoDem in case of a victory in 2017.

Candidate three times in the presidential elections (2002, 2007, 2012), François Bayrou was credited with 11% to 12% of voting intentions in the case of a new nomination in 2017 in the face of Nicolas Sarkozy – then a possible candidate of the right, according to a survey by Ipsos published on the eve of the 1st round of the primary. A confrontation possible with François Fillon was not yet valid.

Worried that the rise of Fillon, which it considered to be the choice “dangerous”, François Bayrou is frankly hostile to the nomination of Emmanuel Macron, perceived as a competitor to the centre, and whose project of society is, according to him, favourable “the world of money”. His party, the MoDem, currently has approximately 15 000 members, which limit their political weight and its capacity to campaign.

Usually away from controversial policies in the town hall of Pau, François Bayrou fall of 6 points in the last barometer of the Fifg for Paris Match, while retaining a majority of favourable opinions (51%).



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