An armed man has intruded into a retirement home in Montferrier-sur-Lez, killing a supervisor of the establishment. – PASCAL GUYOT

The small commune of Montferrier-on-Lez, in the Hérault department, is still in shock. An armed man and encagoulé, whose motivations are not known, erupted on Thursday evening in the retirement home ” The Oaks “, an institution for religious and religious. A woman has been found dead, killed in stab. The assailant, who was caught the leak, is still actively being sought.

What happened ?

According to the first elements, a little before 22 pm Thursday evening, “a single individual, encagoulé and armed with a knife and a rifle, sawed, broke into the retirement home” near Montpellier, said sources close to the investigation. “Around 22 p.m., a woman working in this retirement home has called the police, saying they have been attacked by a man “, shared her side of the prosecutor Christophe Barret. This woman, an employee of the establishment, tied up and gagged, but was able to free up to give the warning, according to a source close to the dossier, was found by the police “safe and sound, but very shocked,” added the magistrate.

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On the other hand, another woman has been found dead by the police on their arrival, added the prosecutor, without saying how it had been killed. A source close to the investigation said that after having it tied up, the man killed with a knife the other employee.

Who is the victim ?

The victim, found dead at the arrival of the relief, was an employee of the retirement home. “She was a healthcare assistant here. It is a party in 8 o’clock in the evening, then it will not return at 6: 30 in the morning… It was a kindness, how they can hurt him like that ? She is dead and I am destroyed, it is terrible. [...] “, testified the victim’s husband on RTL.

sixty missionaries of Africa as well as six or seven lay people and six or seven nuns, are welcomed in this Ehpad (accommodation facility for dependent elderly people), according to the mayor of Montferrier-sur-Lez, Michel Fraysse. The Society of african missions (SMA) is a community of catholic missionaries in european, african and asian, that has a thousand members, priests and laity, according to its website. The SMA has five “houses” in France of the same type as that of Montferrier-on-Lez.

What are the motivations of the killer ?

” In the status of the investigation, there is no evidence to characterize the motivations ” of the killer, told the press the public prosecutor of Montpellier, Christophe Barret. The terrorist hypothesis is at this stage not preferred, has also advanced a source close to the survey, while France is struck for nearly two years by a wave of attacks by jihadist unprecedented. These attacks have left 238 people dead, including a priest killed in a full mass at the end of July Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near Rouen.

Where is the investigation ?

The special unit of the gendarmerie deployed on site, the PSI-Sword, searched the building, located in a large park giving himself on a forest massif up to 0: 30. A device of research has been put in place by the police to find the assailant on the run.

Around 2 p.m., a dozen police vehicles and police and a dozen vehicles firemen were still stationed a few hundred metres from the hotel. A large safety perimeter was deployed, extending to several hundred metres, including up to a small artisanal zone on the edge of the road between Prades-le-Lez in Montpellier, france.

teams of the Raid and of the GIGN, the elite units of the national police and the gendarmerie, were also on site. The investigation has been jointly entrusted to the gendarmerie and the SRPJ Montpellier.

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