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The criminal offence of obstructing the ABORTION : Bishop Pontier is appealing directly to the president and The World

the president of the French bishops ‘ Conference criticized the proposal of legislation to enable the closure of sites controversial, attempting to dissuade women from abortion.

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Monsignor Georges Pontier in Marseille on April 12, 2016.

Against the extension of the criminal offence of obstructing the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (VIP) listed in a bill of the majority, the catholic Church has use of great means. The president of the bishops ‘ Conference of France (CEF), to Archbishop Georges Pontier, has written to François Hollande to ask him not to leave ” come to an end, “ this legislative text that must be examined by the deputies on Thursday 1st December. An initiative such as this correspondence is all the more remarkable is that it is rare.

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In a letter dated 22 November and made public by the episcopate Monday evening 28 November, the archbishop of Marseille, known for its weighting, is the critical rule of a legislative proposal which, in its eyes, door ” an infringement very serious to the principles of democracy “. This text, which stresses on two occasions Archbishop Pontier, ” rela[ie] a government initiative “, is intended to allow the closure of Internet sites, which would ” the allegations or a presentation false “ to actually deter pregnant women from resorting to ABORTION.

Freedom of expression

The leader of the episcopate is concerned for sites that seek to offer women who consult them alternatives to abortion. The government blames them first and foremost instruments aimed at putting this right by failure. Bishop Pontier, himself, says that these sites are the only ones to support the ” genuine distress existential “ of some pregnant women hesitant to carry their pregnancies to term and that they are, in this respect, a ” area of freedom “.

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” This bill puts into question the foundations of our freedoms and especially the freedom of expression, which can be several different speeds depending on the topics “, ” says the prelate, for whom she ” would make the act less voluntary, that is to say, less and less free “. He insists on his ” great concern “ in front of what he believes to be the will of the majority of ” force “.

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Friday already, the archbishop of Paris, cardinal André Vingt-Trois, had blasted the proposed law : ” If it comes to ban to comment on the consequences of abortion, he said on Radio Notre-Dame, we will enter fully into the font of ideas and in the dictatorship of a totalitarian vision on abortion. “

This controversy takes on a tone particular to the fact that abortion is back in force in the public debate between the two towers of the primary right and centre, election in which the electorate catholic is reputed to have weighed a particular weight. Alain Juppé was then accused his opponent, François Fillon, does not have a very clear position on the subject.

The member of parliament for Paris, in June, indicated that ” given [s]a personal faith “, he could not ” approve abortion.” But, he said, since he would not be returning on this right : ” I don toucherai to nothing in this area “, a-t-he assured.

The volte-face of François Fillon on abortion


Alain Juppe has attacked his rival, François Fillon, to the primary, on Europe 1 on Tuesday 22 November :

” there are points on which I would like well that François Fillon clarifies its position, for example on abortion, voluntary interruption of pregnancy. He began by saying in his book that it was a fundamental right of the woman. And then he went back on this statement in a discussion that he had had before a number of his supporters. “


French prime minister François Fillon has held up well to the remarks raised by Alain Juppé at a meeting in Aubergenville (Yvelines), 22 June :

” In my book, I made a mistake [...] when I wrote that abortion was a fundamental right. This is not what I wanted to say. What I wanted to say is that it is a right on which person will not return. [...] Me, philosophically and based on my personal faith, I can not approve of abortion. “

The candidate in the primary was then arrested on the discourse by Léa Salamé in ” Emission policy “, France 2, on the 27th of October. Here is his response :

” It looks at me. This [is] my personal beliefs, I also say at the same time, immediately, that never a person and certainly not me will return to the abortion. “

at this table, one could add the fact that in November 2014, the deputy François Fillon has voted for a draft resolution socialist aimed to reaffirm ” the fundamental right to the voluntary interruption of pregnancy in France and in Europe “, forty years after the Veil law. Jean-Frédéric Poisson was voted against. The latter has called for the support of the deputy of Paris, Tuesday 22 November, justifying this choice in the name of ” family policy and the acceptance of life “…

In summary, there has been a change in public discourse of François Fillon on abortion. The person on the other hand has reiterated since that he would not be on this right.

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