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Police officer picard died on the device : the hit and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment – Franceinfo

The justice has made his désision : 12 years of criminal imprisonment for the hit, drunk and without a licence, killed two police officers in 2013 hitting their car on the paris ring road.
Malaminne Traoré, 25, is on trial for voluntary violence on persons holding public authority causing death without intention of giving.

The general counsel Julien Eyraud asked the court to impose the sentence of a sentence, of safety two-thirds. “If there is not this period of break, it is dangerous to deliver outside“, explained the representative of the public ministry, for which “the violence manifested itself” in this case by the accused is “the macabre consecration of a behavior social, not an isolated act“.


The accused is a multirécidiviste total of ten convictions on his criminal record, including seven for pipeline without a licence, often in a state of drunkenness.
If the requisitions are also heavy, almost unusual, it is also because the victims are police officers who are there to protect us,” added the lawyer general. “The Republic must also have a certain protection, and your decision will also have a sense for it“, he explained.

The 21 February 2013, Boris Voelckel, 32 years old, and Cyril Genest, 40 years old, every two police officers in the Bac, North of paris, were killed when their car was
was struck near the door of the Chapel by a 4X4 which had been chased by the police. A third officer, Frederick Kremer, was seriously injured in the accident. Cyril Genest was a native of Pont-Sainte-Maxence, in the Oise department.

Traoré was leaving a nightclub. He had 1.4 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, nearly three times the legal limit, and was in default of the licence.
When Mr. Traoré is out of the box for the night, he realized that a police vehicle was following him. It has taken the decision to elope, to engage in a fight with the police,” explained the attorney-general, recalling that the fugitive has avoided two police vehicles in its race to 150 km/h before colliding with a third.
He says he was surprised by the last police vehicle. But in this case, one battery, it is a reflex. But Mr. Traore has not lifted the foot off the accelerator“,
a-t-he argues in speaking ofvoluntary. The magistrate, on the other hand, said “in failure to demonstrate, without a reasonable doubt, that the accused had the intention to kill the police officers“. This thesis had been defended by the public p rosecutor during the investigation.

“A fair decision”

In 2013, the case had triggered a shock waves through the police and Manuel Valls, then Interior minister, had called for “a justice merciless” for the hit.
His lawyers asked the jurors not to get caught by the emotion and rely only on the folder. They advocated the thesis of an involuntary. My client had the “control of her vehicle” before the collision but “the police vehicle has changed lane at the last moment” and the presence of a “truck has hidden the view“, has explained to Me Yassine Bouzrou. Malaminne Traoré was “highly alcoholic and was suffering from a “disease of the
retina” that could alter its assessment of the distances
, he added. Finally, has noted the lawyer, “the sole purpose of my client is to escape, how could he thought he could do it hitting at full speed a police car and with out having buckled her seat belt?” The attorney claimed to the jury “a decision, just that his customer can understand“.


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