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The “crossroads” of Martine Aubry just to choose a direction – The World

The “crossroads of the left” around the mayor of Lille, Saturday at Bondy, has been hit by the death of Fidel Castro and the offensive of Claude Bartolone.

True to herself, Martine Aubry did to Bondy what she does best : distribute the good and bad points to his fellow socialists.

The appointment was to be that of the anti-Valls, but Fidel Castro and Claude Bartolone have given it a different colouring. Martine Aubry and his friends in the socialist Party have organized, on Saturday 26 November at Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis), their ” the crossroads, a citizen of the left and ecology “. On the menu, a call to the gathering of all the left – socialist, environmentalist, communist – five months away from the presidential election and eight weeks of the primary of the PS. The cast is tempting : in addition to the mayor of Lille, the former keeper of the Seals Christiane Taubira and mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, are present, as well as an audience of slingers of the PS. Three women who will represent still a small hope for those who left, do not want, nor François Hollande or Manuel Valls, nor of Emmanuel Macron to 2017.

Except that crash… Not only, the event is hit by the announcement of the death of the former cuban leader, who the occult in the media agenda of the weekend. But, upon his arrival at the city hall in Bondy, Claude Bartolone also takes a shot at the family table. The president of the national Assembly, vexed by the words of the head of the State in its regard, in the book ” A president should not say it “ (Stock), has decided to settle its accounts and to bear a bitter blow to a new candidacy of François Hollande.

Bartolone provides strong support to Valls

While the prime minister no longer hides its intentions to prevent the president of the Republic to take its place in the primary, Claude Bartolone offers him a support of size by explaining that the two heads of the executive can without a problem compete in January. the ” I’d still rather that they are both engaging in the primary, rather than one to sit there and say : “Here I am eliminated on the green carpet, so I am getting away from the campaign, I digress socialist, I am getting away from the government action “. If they feel they are both carriers of a project for the France, if they feel they have something to say to the French, as far as they can go to the primary, and that we can see them come together in the second round of this primary “, ” says the president of the national Assembly to the press.

By pressing also openly Manuel Valls , Claude Bartolone, the absolved in advance of the trial at the disloyalty or treachery that would inevitably be made in the ranks of the socialist, if the prime minister had to challenge the head of State. And it gives François Hollande, the kiss of death in the démonétisant . ” We knew that Bartolone was ready to go away, but we didn’t expect such a bomb. Now, I’ll sit with popcorn and watch how it turns out in the next few days “, then a close to Manuel Valls. For the entourage of the head of the government, the president of the national Assembly ” is not deaf, he sees that it is happening on the ground, that there is a problem Holland among activists and elected officials, and that it is necessary to find a solution before the disaster the primary “.

An analysis that does not share at all, of course, the relatives of Francois Hollande. ” said Bartolone is irresponsible. It calls itself, saying to the unit, but offers at the same time to open an institutional crisis at the top of the State, it makes no sense “, ” said the member of parliament (Haute-Garonne) Kader Arif, who came to listen to the debates to Bondy.

The output of the speaker of the national Assembly does not have the friends of Martine Aubry. the ” Barto we fuck up, it is not there to support Valls “, plague someone close to the mayor of Lille. As Martine Aubry, warned : we must not rely on it to say this Saturday will be her favor in January. ” Everyone knows me, I have always taken positions based on my beliefs. I am waiting for the programs, projects. Today I do not know for whom I will vote “, ” she explains.

Martine Aubry takes it to Macron

Not a question for the mayor of Lille suggest that upon arrival, it is connected to the head of the State, by default and by rejection of all other candidates. True to herself, Martine Aubry is therefore Bondy what she does best : distribute the good and bad points to his fellow socialists, and failing to say who has their vote , indicate who has not. the ” For some, I know that I can never be with them : Mr. Macron, for example, to him, this is the only one I will mention today, because it is not to the left “, she says. In her speech, she takes to the new candidate of Work!, ” one who is no longer among us, I want to say luckily “.

at the lectern, in front of some 400 people present, the former candidate in the primary of 2011 must also scratch the prime minister. She knows that Manuel Valls is trying to rally to his cause many members, including elected labelled aubristes. Without ever quoting, it welcomes the fact that” today, we have not talked about islam “ and thought that ” those who think to the left that the identity should supersede the equal, are completely mistaken “. The head of the government, which has been theorized to ” left irreconcilable “, it meets ” to the left of all colors, red-pink-green “, and makes a tribute to Jean-Marc Ayrault, his predecessor at Matignon, which ” was a great prime minister “.

A blow for Emmanuel Macron, another for Manuel Valls. And for François Hollande ? Martine Aubry preserves the head of the State, regretting her five-year term is too technocratic. the ” We do not engage a country with the deficit reduction, I said to the right “, she says, preventing that” we will not win in 2017, saying that with us, it will be less worse than with the right “.

All seem to be anticipating the defeat in 2017

In the tug of war behind the scenes between François Hollande and Manuel Valls, the mayor of Lille has chosen his camp, but the president of the Republic is going to have to give collateral. This left Bondy speaks through coded messages. She wants to show that if she wanted to, it could overthrow all the walls. But she does not want to. Quoting paul Eluard, or Rilke, Christiane Taubira explains that ” we are not condemned to dereliction which seems to knock “. the ” harsh words, hurtful, have been made in this legislature. Acts disruptive, unexpected, difficult to defend, has been made. These words do not disappear by themselves, these acts do not explain not alone “, adds the former minister of justice under the applause. Which is it ? François Hollande ? Manuel Valls ? The two of them ? As often with Christiane Taubira, the non-said will be used in prose. ” She said pretty words, but she says, especially as 2017, it will be w ithout it “, decrypts a participant.

Bondy, the atmosphere fleurait already before congress socialist. That following the presidential election of 2017 and the defeat of the PS that all seem to already anticipate here. Martine Aubry will not be a candidate, Christiane Taubira, or Anne Hidalgo, either. Certainly, they recognize that the ” own “ are ” huge “ and the ” major challenges “, but no one wants to climb up on the diving board. A Bondy, the ” the crossroads of the left “ refuses to choose a direction, at the risk of leading to a cul-de-sac.


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