Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Regrets and bitter tears for Tony – The Parisian

our special correspondent

” I feel guilty, this is a little because of me if it is there tonight. “Cramped in a down jacket beige, the hair hidden under a beanie in a matching color, Tiffanie, 23 years old, can barely hide his emotion. This is her home, Caroline L. and Loïc V. met, during an evening in April or may last. “You couldn’t know what was going to happen,” the cup of a friend. Impossible, indeed, to imagine that a few months later Loïc V. would be indicted for ” aggravated murder and violence, the usual on a minor 15 years of age “, who is suspected of having done Tony, the son of Caroline, aged 3 years, his souffre-douleur. The mother is being prosecuted for complicity. Both have been arrested.

” there were even signs that could have put me the flea in the ear “, the coward does it, evoking his memories. She was out with the young man for a few weeks. They had met in college, were lost and then found. Of his three month relationship with Loïc, it keeps the memory of” a violent man, who hit me often, but she never laid a hand on my children.” It was after their separation that Loïc was close to Caroline.

They were a little over 400 on Wednesday to brave, as she, the cold of the night to pay a last tribute to the young boy. A white rose or a stuffed toy in hand, wearing a tee-shirt bearing his likeness, all of them were gathered behind a large banner ” let’s Kill the silence so that never again will a child dies under the blows “. In the first place, the biological father of Tony, Anthony. The complexion livid, surrounded by his closest friends, he is walking like an automaton. “It is completely under the shock, he does not understand and, at the same time, he wants to. He said that he would have had to be there to protect his little ” loose, Oceane, one of his closest friends. Since an altercation last September with Loïc V., he has not seen his son.

In the compact crowd, many knew the couple and the child, at least of view. “It’s small here, one is crossed often. We never could have imagined it “, says Sylvie. His daughter was educated in the same school as Tony. “He looks happy, he was playing like the other kids. “

Of sadness mixed with anger

Many want to have seen nothing. “Obviously, we feel guilty. When you see it on tv, it is said How the neighbors did nothing ?, and there, it is we who are in this position, ” noted Julien.

Behind the emotion, also points to the anger. Some accuse one or the other of their inaction. In the neighborhood, the access to violence that could demonstrate Loïc V. were well-known. “He had the evil look, he was always looking for the fight,” says Julien who lives in the area. The executioner presumed to Tony, 25 years old, had already been convicted seven times, including for violence. “He was someone impulsive, but to attack a child, I do not think “, says Mathieu. He knew Loïc V. for years and had even shared a room with his cousin. “And she, how she could let him do this ?” says her friend Sabrina. Some try to find excuses to the young woman. All describe Caroline as “naive” and ” very suggestible “. “We can say what we want, this evening, I feel anger against the parents, and tears for this child “, says the young woman.


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